What card to use when recording Video



I am going to buy a video cap card soon, and need to know what is best - Voodoo3 3500TV or Matrox Marvel G400TV. I read that v3 records directly to mpeg2, while the G400 only records to MJPEG. What is the best as i will use it for making VCDs.
Comp. PII-450 128MB ram 9GB HD.


if you really want to use it for capturing i would recommend the miro dc30 but the cards you mention are also “normal” vid cards and the dc30 is a standalone video/audio capture card and no normal vid card.

so if you only want to use it for capturing there nothing better than miro (no i’m not a salesman )



I was just reading about the recomended card ( Miro ) you just told the other person about and i to was thinking about getting one. Does the MP10 and the DC10 offer a lot less power as they are a great deal cheaper than the DC30. Any help would be great



the dc10 (i don’t know the other one i believe) is a good one too, but it can capture at a lower frame rate than the dc30 and the color depth is less and if i’m not mistaking the dc10 doesn’t capture audio does it?

i also have a capture card (other brand i’m cheap ) but mine doesn’t capture audio also and believe me it suxx .your better off with a card which does it at the same time then trying to syncronise the vid card and the sound card cause it’s not very easy to make it lipsync.

i know my english suxx so i hope you can read it