What Car Have U Had The Longest?

The purpose of this little survey is not to show off as much as to share your experience owning a 4wheeler. How long have u had it?
How many clicks is/was on it?
What engine does/did it have?
What did u fix on it?
Are/were u happy with it on the scale 1to10?
What have u hit so far? :bigsmile:
Would u buy it again were it offered brand new?

Here is the one I have driven the longest:
Bought it in 2001 with 185 000 km on it :o It was a Pontiac Grand AM 1995 with 2.3 L DOHC engine. Now its got 240 clicks and still serves me well. The biggest thing I had repaired was a heater(replaced a rubber tube) and some transmission leak - replaced a bushing.
Its a 2 door coupe with a manual 5 speed and a fun to drive.
The biggest thing i hit was a Merc 500s :eek: I broke its rear bumper bracket and got away with $300. It was 2 years old, so God bless that dude :clap:
I am 8 out of 10 satisfied with it and would probably buy it again but with a moon roof and an automatic (tired of shifting)

So how’bout you ride? Did u pimp it? Share your story!

Toyota Corolla … 2005 model - Bought 30th June, 2005.
-> Currently Still own … it’s due for it’s 40,000KM service by this time tomorrow.
-> 1.8L
-> So far? Windscreen wipers, the rear fender & back door.
-> 8 (not the cars fault though -> an idiot in a 4wd tried to back over it & it’s been a tad gutless since)
-> I haven’t hit anything with it yet. My girlfriend, however, decided to try & straighten it in the garage & while backing up swiped a pole with the front of it. Grrrrrrrr.
-> I’d buy something with a smaller engine - or diesel engine (since it is gaining popularity in small/medium sized cars)

1994 Ford Aerostar 4w drive
just small items like battery have not even changed the water hoses or belts.
yes liked the 4w drive van

1976 Chevrolet K-20 3/4 Ton 4x4 Custom Deluxe PU
Bought new with 6 miles…Presently 213,000 miles

350 CI with Holley 650 CFM 4 barrel, Doug Thorley Headers, K&N Air Filter
Turbo 350 with B & M Shift Kit
Rancho RS5000 Shocks

1 Starter
3 Sets of Brakes
Vacuum Modulator Valve
U Joints

I’d buy it again in a heartbeat…My wife loves this truck…

'76 with 350 turbo :clap: :clap: :clap: Nice!

Yo Slim D-

(and I don’t mean Detroit)

You should have added that it consumes $55.63 in gas - and three rolls of smoke (two for me and one for my ‘Bogart’ dog) - for my frequent trips to Home Depot to keep the Boss at bay and to get away from the grandkids-eh!

69 Dodge Dart, bought in 79 with 63 thousand miles on it, has 175k now. I even got my license in it.
I have upgraded most of the running gear to heavier stronger parts so it now has the same system underneath has a 340/383 dart would have, I also redid the suspension and added front and rear sway bars to make it handle better then most Darts ever could. Next it gets Big bolt disk brakes and probably some wiring upgrades. It is currently retired what with 3 dollar a galon gas here and it getting 10.5 MPG most of the time with the worked a bit 5.2/318 V8.
Also want to redo interior and get nice paint someday as all that’s pretty beat now after all these years. I rate it a 10 for fun factor, a 2 for cheap to drive, a 10 for basic reliable transpo, and it’s kinda fast too :cool:
I have replaced the master cylinder 5 times
the trans 3 times or so, last time I rebuilt a bigger 727 and it has held for like 15 years of abuse.
The rear because I wanted a stronger easy to upgrade unit
water pump
Most of the failers were becuase the car was designed as a basic lo performance grocery getter and I drove it hard and put it away wet :slight_smile: so every time something broke I stepped up the parts to stronger units that would still fit without hacking up the car.
Engine is still the same one it left the factory with though.
You bet I’d buy another one. However it’s also worth over 6k in the shape it is now so it’s almost worth too much to drive daily like I was so now I drive a 95 Neon and plan…

Ford Escort 1.6 injection in red with a little spolier on the back.

I was a sweet ride apart from the engine being knackered

The longest has been a 99 dodge neon 2.0l sohc, bought new, now with about 95,000 miles on it. It has only had minor fender benders. This car is the bigest turd on the face of the planet. Its nice to drive but had it not been for the crysler 5 year extended warranty I bought, I would have dumped it long ago. Its probably had somewhere in the area of 6,000 - 7,000$ in repairs, most under warranty but some not. Its suprizing what crysler considers a perishable item like a 300$ wiring harness replacment (perishable and not covered under warranty because the battery cable is part of the harness). Major stuff has gone wrong like a cracked rack (on the rack and pinion sterring) and a bad water pump (had to pull the timing belt to change that one out). There is a cracking noise coming from the front suspention every time you hit a bump, so along with other problems it has, it may be going to the wrecking yard soon (pretty pathetic for a car with less than 100k miles that has been taken well care of).

1984 Ford GT 350 Mustang. Had it for 20 years, total mileage was 7,000.

Chas: Is that a 5 liter V8? Have u rebuilt anything?

Yes, the 302 cubic inch with the Holley four barrel carb and the Borg Warner 5 speed. The carb needed a little work after 15 years.

No longer own: 1995 Dodge Ram Sport Laramie SLT Short Bed 1/2 Ton Reg Cab 2WD
How long have u had it? 6years
How many clicks is/was on it? 80K
What engine does/did it have? 360 5.9L V8
What did u fix on it? Added HP and BOOM and STYLING and GROWL. Totally reliable!
Are/were u happy with it on the scale 1to10? 10
What have u hit so far? Damn pidgeons. And 90+MPH on the Speedo.
Would u buy it again were it offered brand new? Yup, only if I have $$$ to spend on another guzzler, might just settle on a Dakota R/T Quad Cab though…

How long have u had it? 4 years
How many clicks is/was on it? idk
What engine does/did it have? idk
What did u fix on it? everything
Are/were u happy with it on the scale 1to10? 2
What have u hit so far? shopping carts and telephone pole
Would u buy it again were it offered brand new? NOOOO/ maybe

Longest time I had a car was my '77 Ford Maverick. I’m not much of a mechanic, so I won’t go into specs. It was the car my grandmother left to me in my will, but my father drove it around like mad (he was and still is great about using things up, then giving them to you like it’s still special), and it went from having about 24K on it to 66K when I got it. He rebuilt the engine once, I know the shocks were done several times, and it went through 2 paint jobs I helped do largely, and the 3rd someone else did. I finally got rid of it in 1998 for $600 and just had a lot replaced on it. Now I’m wishing I had it back, b/c at least it had A/C that my dad added and my now 89 Ford Escort cracked the condensor (IIRC), the one behind the passenger side dash and wouldn’t you know there’s no replacement for it, factory or aftermarket? Had I gotten an 88 or 90 model, I’d have been able to get one. Oh well! Just have to rely on the 2/75 air conditioning system: not very efficient, but better than nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

69 GTO Ram Air4

Bought it April 80 from original owner , sold it Sept 00 …

Miss driving her , don’t miss the cost of fuel needed to feed this beast , 6-8 MPG … High test thank you … had it stored last 10 yrs before sold it …
Great investment when single , luxury when married … ok i know i’m whipped ,
LOL :slight_smile: :slight_smile: