What Capture card for Video and Audio

Hello folks,
I have recently starting making DVD discs of older or unique VHS tapes. To do this I have been recording the VHS tapes through a SIMA GODVD filter into a Phillips DVR-75 stand-alone recorder on a DVD+RW disc. Then I take the DVD+RW disc and run it through DVD Decrypter in IFO mode to generate a single VOB file. If the audio is bad then I convert the VOB into a WAV file and bring the WAV file into Adobe Audition to apply filtering then I save the file as an AC3 format and then I bring the VOB file and the AC3 file into DVDLAB and create a DVD.

Since I will be doing more of this work with home movies I am wondering if this really is the best method? I have looked at the video and audio capture cards on newegg.com and I am trying to figure out which is the best solution? Phillips to DVD+RW or a capture card? Here is the one I have been looking at:

Do these look like good cards? or is it crap? Should I be looking at one with a 10Bit video converter and combfilter? What about freezing and glitches? What software is the best for capturing the video and audio and creating a VOB file I can import into DVDLAB? I am also concerned about the ones with TV and FM tuners do they cause more random noise on the video?

I get the best results with recording (dubbing) on my stand-alone DVD recorder. (Like you do.) It seems to do an excellent job of making MPEG-2. Capturing on PC will require that your PC is not touched during the capture, to avoid dropped frames and such, so it’s pretty intensive. Likewise, if you capture to AVI, you will ad a lengthy conversion time to the formula. Whereas with the set-top unit, you can set it and walk away till it’s done without tying up your PC.

I also think you’ll be unhappy with the output of those cheap cards. A capture card that matches the quality of most set-top units will cost much more.

I’m on to let the Reelbox do this job for me.

analogue > Digital (mpeg2)

But, a standalone (good) dvd recorder is another good option. :wink: