What capacity for Verbatim DL DVD+R in Shrink?

Hi! I just bought a buncha Verbatim DL DVD+Rs. The kind that keeps going on sale at Best Buy, etc for $20 for a 10 pack. I was wondering whats the max custom capacity I can set DVD Shrink to? For my Fuji/Sony branded single layer Taiyo Yuden DVD+Rs, I can set Shrink to 4480 and the total burn ends up being 4482/3 ish… anything beyond that and it won’t work. So…with that said, what should I set my DL capacity to? (I jsut wanna get the most outta my disc, thats all despite the default DL amount in Shrink) Thanks!

don’t use shrink with dual layer, just a sure coaster

uhh…are u referring to the way it compresses and encodes…? cuz it uses my nero to do the actual burning… now u have me worred :frowning:

it’s setting the layer break

Nero is not very efficient when it comes to dual layer. Use DvD Decrypter and Imgburn.

Iso read with DvD Decrypter and you should have,

Two Files

Iso - Movie
Mds - Contains info on layer break

Now Iso write the image with Imgburn using the mds file.

Make sure you use AnyDvD as well so it strips out newer proctections that DvD Decrypter will not remove because it is no longer updated.

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ok thanks folks! any info on my original question?

You set shrink for no compression and rip in file mode contrary to popular belief you can use shrink to create dual layer backups ensure you have layerbreak removed option on and rip in file mode . I generally reauthor to movie only and then burn in file mode (use discjuggler Myself) no need to worrie about setting a layerbreak the burning software does it for me have created many flawless backups using this meathod but I do use a good burning program not sure about nero never used it
use a good duallayer disc verbs and bitset

Even though DvD Decrypter is no long updated if it is used inconjuction with AnyDvD, it is by far the best for dual layer ripping, And Imgburn which is the updated burn engine from DvD Decrypter is the best to burn it with.

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In DvDshrink under the edit tab, select preferences, then switch from dvd-5 (4.7G) to dvd-9 (8.5G). Save your image as an iso. Use Imgburn to burn to your dual layer disk.

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There’s really no reason to use DVDShrink when all you want is a complete backup of a dual-layer DVD. As others have mentioned, using DVD Decrypter will give you the best results.

Thanks for the advice so far folks. Well, the thing instead of making complete backups, there are material I want to burn such as tv series’. As some of you may know, many of these tv dvd releases are really bare bones and the menus barely do anything, just take up space. I just wanna reauthor the dvd, ditch everything else, and cram as many episodes as possible onto a dual layer disc and wanna compress as little as possible but I’m curious how much that verbatim really holds in contrast to the 8.5 gig default dvd-9 setting.