What cant my drive do? 40125W (40x12x48) Liteon

tell me what it cant do please

as i cant find information on what it cant do any where

just info on what it can do :wink:

n i minght be missing something…


i dont get your point wat it can do is reading and writing and wat it cant do is making coffee or toasts

greetz sphere

you can’t print with this cd-writer! :stuck_out_tongue:

But what you probably mean: what can this drive not do what its competitors can.

Your drive is bad in reading protected audio, but is good/the best in almost anything else (dae-speed, 99min cds, media-compatibility, Safedisk 2.51.021 and higher, etc.)

thats rigjht, the liteons can do everything except read K"A and CDS. the new f/w for the 32x is reported to be able to read some of these protections.

1 other thing - the 40x can be updraded to pcav writing, and MT RAINER will be supported in the future.

other than that, it is probably the best at everything .

(mayb not write quality)

you cant use it as a condom. but it will beat most protections

Won’t write at 2x like me old Ricoh would, and it’s crap at making coasters unlike me old Ricoh, that was good at it!! other than that it’s an excellent writer.

oh yeh, forgot abooout no slow burning; thats pretty annoying sometimes - it’s why is still got my 4x 4804 in my PC :wink:

Most of the liteys can’t write lower than 8x, but the 32x can write @ 4x with the newest f/w and i think it is the same with the 40125W, if i am not mistaken. plz correct me if im wrong :smiley:

i meant the 40125S :slight_smile:

is this info all the same or

is the 5s better or worse?


read the posts…it is all pretty much the same.

yep shueb,

You can do 4x with the 40125W but it’s still not much good at making little round silver table mats :wink:



i meant the 40125S

Now that’s a different story, the standard 40125S can’t do P-CAV writing, but with a bit of jiggery pokery it can be converted to do it, it’s basically the same drive but with Z-CLV writing.