What can we expect?

First of all, I bought nero only because of the linux version out there. I had problems with my plextor 712A with k3b (OPC errors) and Nerolinux works perfect with it. Enough positive talking :slight_smile:

What can we (linux users) expect from nerolinux in the future? How about mp3 burning from cue files (which is virtual impossible on linux)? Maybe somekind of roadmap would be cool :slight_smile:

You can burn Cue sheets with NeroLINUX. In order to do this, Select ‘Recorder->Burn Image’ and select your CUE file.

You can also burn an audio CD from your MP3/OGG/Wav files. Just select the track editor (second tab), drag-n-drop your files here and that’s it.

Well burning an mp3 file with a .cue is not possible, i’m getting an error with that.