What can I use to block copying of audio cd?

It is not music, but a lot of work went into compiling this cd. I know anything can be broke into, probably. I’m just looking for freeware to slow it down or make it harder to copy. thanks.

Try to lookup Easy Audio Lock or use the CDFreaks search.

you can find a list of copy protections you can use here

EasyAudioLock 1.1 is a very well working protection for audio discs, of course. It is similar to the first CactusDataShield which was found on HIM - Razorblade Romance. EAL’s trick is the lead-out-positon in the TOC which is set to a few seconds although the disc is much longer. In addition to that all audio tracks are flagged as data tracks.
The problem of these illegal TOCced single session discs is that many CD-players can’t play them. It’s a very incompatible protection. Because of this the first CactusDataShield hasn’t been found anymore. After that Midbar develloped CactusDataShield100 and 200 which are based upon multi-session discs with heavily scrambled TOCs in the 2nd session. Standard CD-players only read the 1st session which is more or less OK.

EasyAudioLock 1.1 protected discs can be ripped by the UltraPlex40 and the current Plextor recorders (1210, 1610, 2410 and 4012). My old Teac CD-R50S is also capable of reading such a disc. Most other drives can only rip up to the faked lead-out-positon.