What can I use besides virtual dub?



I dont care if it’s freeware or not… I want something that lets me cut, edit, encode. I dunno anything besides Virtual Dub. Any other programs that do the same stuff?


Whats wrong with VDub?



I assume your talking about AVI’s ? Arr… there is always NanDUB or VirtualDUBMod :smiley:


Originally posted by ChickenMan
I assume your talking about AVI’s ? Arr… there is always NanDUB or VirtualDUBMod :smiley:
hmm waht’s virtualdubMod? a better version of virtual dub?

anyways I’m trying out TMPGEnc right now. I’m converting an avi to mpeg. I dont really know the big difference. Is there any disadvantages of converting to mpeg?


Well you’re converting to a lossy format so you’ll lose a bit of quality.


VirtualDUBMod - http://virtualdubmod.sourceforge.net/

If your wanting to convert your AVI to MPEG1 or 2, than have a read of our Tutorials on how to do it all.


by the way a new virtualdub is released…perhaps it is better for you now;



I would not use TMPGEnc if it’s your intention to create Mpeg4 files (DivX, WMV9 etc) as it renders the video and the audio in separate passes. And quite often gets them out of sync!

It’s quite good at creating Mpeg1 and 2 stuff though.


hmm would it matter really if it’s mpeg1, 2 or avi or whatever? I dont really know the big difference. in TMPGEnc I chose to convert the file with the best quality, while keeping it under 700MB. I dunno how it will come out.
The reason I didnt use VirtualDub was that when I tried to load the file, in the middle of the loading process I got an error message. I also had another problem with encoding another file (it stopped in the middle of conversion because of an error )


finished encoding… 650MB, the quality sucks and the sound if off.


650MB for a 2 hour movie? VBR for audio? And you’re complaining? Try 1 CD per hour (2x700MB) or >1500kb bitrate, > 640x480 resolution (although I prefer 720x352), 128MB MP3 CBR, 2-Pass encoding w/ DivX 5.05 in VDub and you’ll see what DivX should look like.

And if that doesn’t do the trick, get a DVD writer and DVDShrink it.

BTW, you never said what OS you’re running. VDub runs flawless under WinXP Pro.



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To start off try mastering how to create DivX (mpeg4) .avi files.

I think everyone will agree with me here that the encoder engine is currently the fastest available.

The quality of the finished encodes will be good (2hours per 700MB CD no problem). And there’s plenty of help available if you get stuck!

However, you need at least an 500MHz P3 processor to encode and playback DivX (or any other codec for that matter). The faster the better!