What can i upgrade the LTR-48125W to?


I would like to know what i can safely flash to my 48x12x48x liteon, LTR-48125W, at the moment it has V08 firmware on it, but i would like to know can i flash it to a 52x24x52x or at least a 48x24x48x ??

Thanks in advance


I don’t think you can flash it to higher speed. Your CDRW is using the Mediatek “5” chipset and the highest speed for that chipset is 481248.

what chipset is the 48x24x48x burner using,

wouldnt it also be the mediatek 5 chip? cause it is not that much faster than the 48x12x48x,

anyway i will hunt around for more info, and post back later.


The 48x24x48x uses a series 6 chipset. I cant see why people want to flash the 48X drives faster anyway. The difference between 52X and 48X is going to be nothing to write home about speed wise and as most people seem to use CD-RW for packet writing the 12X increase on a re-writable aint no big deal.