What can I do?



I’m in a peculiar situation! I bought Velvet Revolver- Contraband which we all know is copy- protected. Well, I was dumb and went through with the EULA and it installed the sbcphid driver and all that. I was upset to say the least when I copied the songs (along with many various others) onto a disc to play in my mp3 player in my truck (less CDs to haul around). Lo and behold, it won’t play the Contraband songs- it just skips over them all!
It has been many months now and I have reformatted my HD, but not before saving all my mp3s (copied them to another hd on my home network, then copied back onto my newly reformatted HD). I was just browsing thru my collection when I noticed the Contraband songs listed. I tried to play one with Winamp and it said I needed to download the license to play the file. I refused, of course, but will I ever get to listen to the songs again unless I download that evil license and install that awful sbcphid file? Needless to say, I can’t find my CD anywhere, so are my mp3s useless? Thanks!


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…I guess I am screwed unless I find that friggin’ CD…


i had the same problem and i indeed needed a lycense, but a friend of mine did the same with my cd and he had no problems so i think you and i made a mistake somewhere