What can i do to reduce the leadout time of my 1620?


Do a quick scan on the disc first using Qsuite?

I know only the method with Nero where you can change the settings for the leadout.

Use Quikee’s WOPC Tool “Force Spin-up” button before you burn. It will reduce the lead-in and lead-out time.

what does it do exactly? do i have to do it every burn?


Well, not that many “know” what it does exactly.
Some of us have some ideas, but nothing has been confirmed sofar .

Why not ask BenQ. :slight_smile:

In Nero Burning ROM,go to preferences–>expert features->Tick enable generation of short lead out.(This will write an additional 12mb to shorten the lead out process but worth the shorter wait time)

entriliumc, I’m not sure we are (only) talking about the lead-out
It’s more likely about finalizing the disc. :wink:

Maybe you can test and tell us the total time consumed with (Nero’s) fast lead-out and without it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey sorry there Igot it confused myself.By enabling a shorter lead out you should be able to save around 12mb instead.

is neros option a permanent one for all software or nero only?

Since it’s an option for Nero, one would think it’s for Nero only. As pinto2 suggested, test it out and let us know what you find out.