What can I do to reduce the high PI error spike at beginning and end of disc?

I have been getting some very high PI error spikes at the beginning and end of my burns at max speed on my TY02’s @16x and Verb’s MCC02RG02 @12x. Getting scores consistently at 93-96 on NeroCDSpeed scans. Im sure if the spikes at the beginning and end of the burns are eliminated, the scores would be 97 and up.

Firmware = B7T9

What can be the cause? What are the possible solutions OTHER than burning at a slower speed?

try p9 or u9. even v9 if those aren’t good

Try burning your media at it’s rated speed. Overspeeding will generally lower your quality scores.

PI have nothing to do with the score, PIFs and POFs are the only things which affect it.

IMHO it pointless chasing some meaningless score, random PIF spikes which do absolutely nothing to readability will flatten even the best of disks CD/DVD-SPEED score.