What can I do to get new cell service while having numerous obstacles



Was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction. I used to have a blackberry with verizons service. I had a big dispute with verizon wireless where they claimed I cancelled my existing contract and chose to pay for each phone call as it came in or was dialed. Dispite all the obvious signs showing this was not the case and one of there own customer service reps made a huge mistake, they chose to not correct the problem and claimed I owed alot… ALOT of money. I had verizon wireless service since the days when the phones were the size of a low top shell top sneaker.
Anyway, Im not looking to find a way to dispute. What I am in search for is finding a way to get cell service without any credit checks and if possible using my existing blackberry. I was told AT&T offers something in the range of $60 unlimited txting and voice with no credit checks. Sounds a little too good to be true. Are there any plans under $100, perhaps paying up front to avoid the credit checks? If so what company? And I would like to avoid buying a new phone. If i can unlock (no idea how to do that or if its even neccasary, just know lots of sites can show you) or use the blackberry it would be great. If not perhaps some companies offer a phone with the new plan?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys.


i think all phones sold in the us are able to be unlocked its something to do with your sims card…Take your phone to an ATT store…and ask to speak to a tech not a sales staff…then tell them you want to use the same phone and then you can choose one of the pay as you go…unlimited talk/text …plans…