What can CD MAte do?

I was wondering if CD MATE can copy SD2 and all those other cool copy protections, and if so, how do you know what options to use, i am downloading it right now, so any help would be appriciated, i was trying to make an Image file of Operation Flashpoint with Error Correction set to NONE in Clonecd and it had gone 15 Mins without even hitting 1%, i was trying to find a way away around it and that is why i was wondering about CD Mate. thanks

Now that i have downloaded it, i have anwsered my own guestion. thanks

Dear chalbing,

I’m sure you know how to copy SD2 protected software titles, just in case I’ll give you a few instructions:

[ul][li] First you need to have a CD writer that support duplication of SD2 protected materials, to see if yours is one to support, here is a complete list of drives that does the job
[/li][li] You would need a software that support duplication of SD2 protected discs. CD Mate is one that does, and just an additional information, we support more CD writers than other programs![/ul]Now, if you know the type of protection a disc is using, you can click on the the Wizard button to select the type of source disc. If you’re unsure of what protection a disc is using, you might have to ask other members on this forum or to use 3rd party programs with disc type detection scheme, we’re un-able to provide you this information.
When you’re copying a copy-protected disc, you should always check the option “Ignore CIRC” for ultra-fast reading under “Recording Wizard” (provided you have a writer that support this function). It generally takes a long time to read a SD2 disc into image file, as there are bad sectors on the source disc your writer takes a long time re-accessing data.