What can be gained with a new DVD writer, over a 5 year old one?



If I purchase a new DVD writer (an excellent, popular writer, of course), what will I gain over a 5 year old writer, that was also an excellent & popular burner ?

Would a new DVD writer, along with the latest firmware and up-to-date media codes, be required to expertly burn media now sitting on the store shelves ? Or, is a small improvement in speed and quality of burns, the only deciding factor when purchasing a new burner ? :confused:

Duh, why does Memorex (in the white wrapper) dominate store shelves ? Is this some kind of monetary defensive move by the B&M quarterbacks ?

I’ve looked at many scans here on the forum, but I haven’t found reason enough to buy a new DVD writer. :a


It is possible you will run into new media codes that your older burner will not handle well. If you stick to some of the older types of disks, then you won’t have this problem. Some of the better known, older mid codes are disappearing however…for example Verbatim 8x disks are getting harder to find, even online. MCC-004 (Verbatim 16x +R) may become less common soon at the local level since Verbatim seems to be switching to CMC mid codes in their new Life Series disks.

If your drive is still burning well, you may not have a compelling reason to buy a new one, other than the mid code issue. There aren’t many drives that excel in all areas however. I have three in my current computer and each one has strengths and weaknesses…the Samsung is a better reader, better with burns to cds, and I can run quality scans with it; the Optiarc is my main dvd burner and is good for DL burns; the LG is a blu ray burner and I use it sparingly for anything else.


So true, the older 8x media of very high quality is gone… There is TY media in 8x +R, but for use with a Sharpie pen, there is only TY silver inkjet with no lines (unbranded).

I’ve read that the Optiarc is an excellent burner, but has low scores when reading. So I’m looking at Liteon writers (and not necessarily the latest ones). I’ll match a writer to the media, order several cases, then burn, burn, burn.

Meanwhile, I’m flashing firmware to my old writers, hoping for scores in the high 90’s with MCC 004. I am no longer sure I can do that with TYG03, and I wouldn’t have purchased DVD-R, but at the time, that was all I could find as “branded media”. So far, no matter what the speed of a burn, or the burner used, 16x MCC 004 disks score in the low 90’s. This is where I’m thinking a new writer might make a difference (but scans here on the forum, could be more encouraging).

I want a new burner. :a


You raise an interesting point about 5 year old burners and whether or not to replace one. My own LG GSA-E10N is four years old…and I think I’ll still be using it til it dies.

I think I’d still be using my beloved (and now deceased) LG 4163B if it was still around!

I keep wanting a new burner, and so far have picked out several possible candidates…but with my current ones still burning nicely, I can’t really justify it. I have errrm…a slight addiction to buying media :o, but on the upside it means that I have enough spindles of stuff like MCC004 to keep my current burners happy for awhile (I hope!).



My concern would be compatible mid codes and lack of firmware updates presumably giving me the best possible burns - compared to the newer burners-

My Optiarc 7200’s give far superior burns than any older burner I have ever had (NEC 3500; BenQ 1640 and 1650, etc) - period-eh!!


Personally i like to research all the new possibilities of a new writer before buying a new one. Can i make it region free? Can i rip as close as the reading speed? Is it compatible with as much media codes as i want to? Does it read damaged discs quite well?


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2520371]Personally i like to research all the new possibilities of a new writer before buying a new one. Can i make it region free? Can i rip as close as the reading speed? Is it compatible with as much media codes as i want to? Does it read damaged discs quite well?[/QUOTE]

Which is the correct way to do it IMO. :iagree:

That’s why I’m always annoyed when I have to ditch an old one because of the effort I’ve gone through in selecting it.

They’re very cheap these days though.



They’re very cheap these days though.
[/QUOTE]Unfortunately cheap in build quality also :frowning:



Yeah true, but at least they’re less painful to replace when they’re affordable.

My first DVD Writer cost £180 and that was cheap when the full retail was £250. :eek:



Old drive, new media code, will probably mean that the new and unrecognized 16x media will be written poorly at 4x.

If you can’t get media your drive likes, and you can’t firmware hack the drive into liking it, then the only answer is to find a drive that is more compatible.

The other thing, of course, do you care about Lightscribe or Labelflash?
Did either of them win the format war, or is it a default victory to printable?


[QUOTE=Wombler;2520491]My first DVD Writer cost £180 and that was cheap when the full retail was £250. :eek:[/QUOTE]

Close to me, but €182 for an OEM NEC 4x DVD+RW writer, mid 2003. :wink:

In 2002, I borrowed a LaCie external DVD-R/RAM writer from a friend while at college. It only wrote at 1x and a full DVD-R took about an hour to write. If I recall right, the owner paid €650 for it. Discs were not cheap at the time - €6.50 for my first DVD-R purchase. :eek:

If you have a spare bay for another drive, I would suggest keeping the original writer installed and getting a new one. This gives the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:


Hello to all.

With burn quality my only concern, low prices, and the Optiarc 7200’s popularity, I’m going to try one… but I think I’ll get an older one, for the boot code.

This well-known and recognized 16x media isn’t really that old, and check out the price ! :iagree:

Bargain priced MII Verbatim media, now at Directron:

Verbatim DVD+R, MCC 004, in blue/purple packaging, $8.99/50 pack (6 per case). The 300 disk cases are marked “Made In India”, 95037. Also available are 25 packs, MIT.


Decent burns with these, but nothing to boast about, and that could be my burner. When rec’d, I opened four packs, test burned a few disks from each pack, and the scans were low 90’s with reasonable PIE/PIF (but nothing as low as some may demand). Consistency from cakebox to cakebox was very good. These disks are branded, and the plastic surface has improved writing characteristics, a pleasant surprise.


Sata :wink:


[QUOTE=debro;2520626]Sata ;)[/QUOTE]

Another plus is Warranty as well. Since motherboards are going Sata most burners now are going Sata whether or not you want to go Sata. Also if your doing BD your going to have to go to Sata there’s no other choice in the matter. New does give you more firmware updates and support. Plus yes they are cheaper and cheap to replace but that is how it goes now. I keep my drives til I no longer can burn or read. But one must know when to let go…