What can be found in your house?

“What can be found in your house?” :slight_smile:

Please mark all things that can be found in the house you live in…
Is doesn’t have to be yours, as long as it’s just there…

Frozen Pizza’s (more then 2): yup
Unfinished home study course books: plenty, but occasionaly i get rid of them
Drugs (soft ones)
Weapons (like a gun…): But i assure you it’s a cigarette lighter. It just looks like a gun
Opera music (on CD, DVD): Disney’s Fantasia & Fantasia 2000 RULE
Piles of bills (payed or not…): plenty :slight_smile:

Frozen pizza’s: yep, defenitely more than 2
A vibrator: yep, no comment
Washing machine: yep
Bible and Koran: yep, have both and some books about Boeddism
Homemade porn: yep, and I’m not sharing it :wink:
Opera music on CD: yep, bought 50CD’s of Brahms, Bach, Mozart, etc when I was in a crazy mood for €25
Pets: yep, my sweetie Amber
Donor codicil: yep, they can have everything

wtf are warez :stuck_out_tongue:

and you forgot the most important thing


duh… every house has beer…

No beer, no life…! :slight_smile:

A vibrator (doesn’t have to be purple) but for real it is purple
Washing machine…yeah i wash my own clothes…
Bible-i have a few
Fresh lettuce-i go to the store and buy groceries …every week…
Pets - i have 2 dogs…one lap dog…and one huge black lab…
Clothes that no longer fit you… (too large/small)both sorry to say 4 closets full of too big and too small ones…:smiley:

Washing machine I have downstairs …
Lettuce -> something I don’t buy as I can only think of it’s use in hamburgers, which I rarely cook … besides lettuce tends to … liquefy … all over the bottom of the fridge :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Bible only … and lots of cd’s :slight_smile: Value unknown … although technically, probably not much, as alot is now very old :wink:

Weapons (like a gun…) - 308 rifle, shot gun, 22, crossbow

Piles of bills (payed or not…) - lots

Warez, worth over $10.000 (Shop price) - pretty damn close

Washing machine - ya, better than doing it by hand

Frozen Pizza’s (more then 2)
Weapons (like a gun…) rifles, all legal of course, and
What else do you need?

washing machine

Mosin-Nagant 91/30
Ruger 10/22
Mossberg 185D
.54 caliber black powder rifle
.45 caliber black powder pistol

8 siberian huskies
1 cat

yeah i’d say i have more than $10 worth :stuck_out_tongue:

clothes that no longer fit (doesn’t everyone)

Diapers (babys or else… ;)) - my sister’s pregnant
Frozen Pizza’s (more then 2)
A vibrator (doesn’t have to be purple) - very noisy…
Lego (must be “lego”!) - I love lego…
Washing machine
Drugs (Hard or soft ones)
Tampons (any size)
Fresh lettuce
Pets (yes even rats count) - cats
Piles of bills (payed or not…) - loads
Clothes that no longer fit you… (too large/small)

LMAO A vibrator (doesn’t have to be purple) I can’t say i’ve noticed any difference in performance from one colour to the next :stuck_out_tongue:

Washing machine.
(Martial Arts Training) Weapons (Legal, owning the necessary international certificate).
Bible and Koran.
Opera music on CD.
Yoga/Health Video.

Thigh Master
Ab Toner

Frozen Pizza’s (more then 2) – Always!
A vibrator (doesn’t have to be purple) – Yep, and it’s purple (not mine though :p)
Unfinished home study course books – Stacks…
Washing machine – Damn nice LG one :slight_smile:
Homemade porn (Pic or Video) – Why should we have a videocamera otherwise?
Weapons (like a gun…) – I have this big knife…
Computers < 386XT (comodore 64, Atari, 8086, etc) – 386, 468, p1 to 4, Athlons, Atari 2600, C64, Amiga 1200, C128, MSX, XBOX
Opera music (on CD, DVD) – Yep I quite like some classic stuff once in a while
Pets (yes even rats count) – 2 hamsters, 1 fish and 1 cat
Warez, worth over $10.000 (Shop price) – As long as the university requires me to use software that doesn’t come with a student license
Piles of bills (payed or not…) – Both types, way too many
Clothes that no longer fit you… (too large/small) – Had too much beer
Donor codicil (stating you are a organdonor) – Check!

Well, gonna add to my list.

Weapons (like a gun…) Shotguns
Washing machine, and
more Pizza and Beer

Now it’s time for the next questions!

How can we interpretate this data, and what can be red between the lines.

Please analyse it and give me your conclusions…

That we’re nerds without girlfriends? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… I tought the same thing! :iagree:

16.22% Is married? Or wants to when they have the money…
51.35% Can’t or doesn’t want to cook.
18.92% Is female or wants to be…
29.73% Is childish or has little brothers/sisters
21.62% Has no will power
24.32% Live on their own and still depend on mummy
37.84% Want to life in the Netherlands
67.57% Doesn’t have sex (or pays for it)
43.24% Can easily be deceived
32.43% Likes to watch his/her own white ass
18.92% Is unhappy with his/her body or state of mind
40.54% Is crewel, aggressive or afraid
37.84% Eats healthy and doesn’t depend on vitamin pills
37.84% Is a nerd, that can’t take distance from his former toys…
24.32% Thinks they have class
54.05% Needs more attention
59.46% Is a little thief
67.57% Has a lot of worries (shopaholic)
72.97% Is still in growth or has a eating disorder
18.92% Cares for other people

No offence guys… If you think that I misinterpreted this data, please prove me wrong… :slight_smile: