What can be considered a succesful dvd burn? Please help

I just burnt a backup of my recently acquired ‘batman returns’ dvd. Nero said the burn was succesful, but the data verification wasnt. I burnt the dvd at 16x using my sony external DRX-800UL. (media was verbatim brand if that makes any difference)

This is the first time I’ve done a ‘disc quality test’. Before I would have to watch the whole dvd through to make sure there were any buggered frames or errors. Is there a way of telling if the dvd will play 100% properly without any hicks without having to actually go and watch it right away? I am using an external hard disk and dont want to have to keep the files on there till I have the time to watch the dvd and make sure all’s well. Any help would be appreciated. :sad:

It looks like it was a good burn. Did you try playing it in your DVD player?

it will most likely start playing fine, but last time i burnt a dvd at 16x, it said there were no errors in the data verification process, and low and behold i watched it and there were 2 seconds of buggered frames :frowning:

Pif total are a little high , but max of 2 is considered ok … Quality score of 95 is ok too , could try lower your burn speed to 12x and re-test … may need to try diff speeds to see what the media /burner combo like best …

i think we’re overlooking one small fact…

do sony’s even report acccurate scans?

scanning on sony’s isnt all that common…they can’t report POFs and I wouldn’t be surprised if this scan isn’t all that accurate.

also, the scan was done at “maximum.” from what i understand, the speed to scan at is determined by the number of ECC block intervals that a burner scans at and how accurate it is at that speed…liteon’s should scan at 4x, NEC 5x, benq 8x, etc, etc… what should someone scan at with a sony burner using sony firmware?

that being said, i’d change the scan speed to 8x because if i’m not mistaken the drive he used is actually a rebadged Ben Q DW 1640 (correct me if I’m wrong). even after changing the scanning speed though, does the firmware play a part in scanning accuracy? Can you get a scan that’s trustworthy with sony firmware?

the media you’ve selected is very good (MCC 004). my guess is that burning at 12x would solve your problem.

is your firmware up to date? it’s possible you might need a firmware update to fully utilize your 16x media at 16x speed at a high quality.

I think the firmware is the latest; KY06. I tried playing it back on both dvd players in the house, what i played worked fine. The problem is audio and video sync, DAMN this bugs me!! when its allllmost in sync but not quite. :frowning: Reckon it’s clone dvd’s fault? Re-rip?

If you’re running AnyDVD in the background, I believe Nero’s verification process will always fail, since AnyDVD changes certain things on the fly.

Why not, it’s not a BenQ it’s a rebadged LiteOn, he could also use Kprobe to scan the disc. But for MCC 004 12x would be personally for me the best choice.

Try an even lower burn speed, down to 8x, if you can spare the blank DVD, and see if things improve beyond that which you achieve at 12x.

even as a rebadged liteon, would the firmware affect its ability to scan correctly?

i wa sjust wondering because you don’t often see posts of “XXX media scanned on my sony…”

This is bugging the hell outta me, I cant get clone dvd to copy my Godfather dvd properly, I am still getting the audio and video a bit out of sync!!! :frowning:

Then you maybe not “copy”, but transcode/shrink…

you lost me? I want to put the files onto my hard disk and burn them after, not create an image. Now winDVD is refusing to play back the dvd from my hard disk even!! WTF! are the files copy protected and windvd wont play them back? Nero showtime plays the dvd files back fine. Can someone give me a link to dvd decrypter as I think it may be the program.

That’s right it’s almost the thing with rebadged drives cause you must first find out what for a drive you really have in your hands.
Firmware should play a role, especially then when the previous one had some bugs, which could also affect buggy on scans. :wink: