What can backup SecuRom

I bought today Thomas & Freinds CD game (Thomas Saves the Day) and want to make up a backup copy for my kids. I usually use gamedrive to make an image and play from the virtual drive but this failed on this CD. The CD-ROM is the Plextor Ultraplex 40 SCSI one (on the kid’s computer). Protection ID v4.0 reported SecuROM
My computer have the Plextor Premium and PX-708UF (latest firmware). Are these drives capale of making a physical backup copy and which software do I need (used to have old CloneCD)

The choice of Blindwrite for the Premium is a natural as the GigaRec function can duplicate the sector densities found in the latest versions of SecuROM.

If BW does not work for you, then Alcohol’s RPMS feature will do it too.

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… yup, Blindwrite does this job with your Premium,
. . take BW4, and if you want take BlindWrite Profiler to have a look
. . at preferences …