What buy dvd drive dis for storage

for burn/read mdisc dvd is better drive ASUS or Lite-On or LG? is better buy drive external USB or Internal SATA for stoire this drive in future i use read/burn my discs? descontinued manufactures USB or SATA in future?

I thought about buying a bluray drive but it is very expensive here in Brazil

From what I can tell DVD is probably a safer choice than BluRay and like you said initial costs are cheaper.

but the general problem with optical media like say DVD is how much longer it will be around and still not be too difficult to find drives that read the DVD’s? ; because I think decent DVD media (like say Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden) will probably last at least 10-20+ years (I have some over 10 years old and still work well) and probably further. but the question is… will drives that read DVD media still be easy to find 10-20+ years down the road?

but what are your doing with this DVD burner? ; if it’s just data backup you might be better off investing in hard drives since it’s easier/cheaper for data backup at this point. but if you got some higher importance data backup, and want a alternative to hard drives, DVD media is still decent in this regard unless you got a ton of data to backup in which case I would almost surely stick to hard drives at this point.

as for burners… I generally like Lite-On over the years. but I suspect others are good enough also.

as for SATA vs USB… SATA should be around a while but I don’t see USB disappearing anytime soon either. I would probably not worry too much here as I tend to prefer internal DVD burner over a external one. or maybe you can buy a internal DVD burner and connected it to one of those SATA/IDE to USB adapters for some basic use etc.

The DVD media I own are: MDISC DVD Verbatim and DVD-R Verbatim AZO

I want to buy more spindle from MDISC DVD but I’m not finding it on the sites only sells Bluray MDisc

I’m in doubt about which drive to buy because it has better reading, better error correction and better burning, the options that burn and read MDISC DVD and Verbatim AZO are ASUS, Lite-On, LG

I will buy a drive and store it because in 10, 20 and 30 years they will no longer be manufactured, is it better to buy an internal drive and use a USB adapter or buy the external drive without an adapter but with USB?

Opinions might vary but I would generally take the standard SATA drive and then get a hold of a USB adapter if needed.

while I use my DVD burners internally I do have a this device (mainly for HDD’s but I have used it on my DVD burners before)… https://vantecusa.com/products_detail.php?p_id=90&p_name=IDE/SATA ; it seems to be okay for limited use but I would assume in general it’s probably best to connect a standard SATA based burner to the SATA ports on the motherboard.

but regardless of which DVD burner you go with, if they are cheap enough, and your quite serious about those needing to be around for many years to come for you to read the discs, it might not be a bad idea to get a couple of DVD burners in case one dies as this way you can further prepare to get the data off the DVD’s if needed just in case that backup burner ever dies and it’s difficult to get access to further DVD reading devices.

but as far as more details between ASUS/Lite-On/LG… I would get some others opinions in these forums. I just know that on the three DVD burners I own, Liteon 1673S (IDE) and a Liteon iHAS324B (SATA) and a Sony Optiarc 7240s(SATA), that the Lite-On’s definitely seem to be a safer choice for reading as I noticed more specifically in terms of AUDIO CD’s, the Liteon is clearly better than the 7240s drive which is so-so as it fairly often does not even acknowledge there is a CD in the drive but seems to work fine with burned DVD’s (and I think CD-R’s to). I can’t personally comment too much on ASUS or LG as I am sure others around here could comment a bit further on those who got a bit more experience with those brand of burners.

but in my opinion… I would not invest too heavily on DVD for data storage besides maybe some of your higher importance data. a regular HDD is probably overall better for general data backup since it’s faster and you get more storage space for less money. either way, never solely rely on one source of backup for your higher importance data as if you do, you might lose that data one day.

as for MDISC DVD’s… it’s probably hard to say how they hold up as they don’t seem to have been around long enough to see how they hold up. but it seems given the accelerated aging tests, the potential might be there they will last a while (my guess is they are probably not worse than standard quality media so if one does not mind paying the premium, ‘maybe’ they are worth considering). but those 1000 year claims I suspect are a stretch. but I guess even if they are close to 50 years or so, that will probably be a lot longer than what really matters as in 50 years, DVD technology will probably be a thing of the distant past and there might be much more reliable ways to store data etc by then. plus, unless your really young right now, you might be dead in 50 years or so and you probably won’t care or have moved onto another technology for data backup.

but for general data backup… standard Verbatim are probably your best all around bet given they are quite reasonably priced and that brand seems to be fairly proven (although nothing is bulletproof) given DVD’s have been around long enough to start to get a feel for their longevity on some level. plus, even if these Verbatim DVD’s fail in say around 20 years, that’s still quite a bit of ones lifespan and it’s not like I would want to rely on DVD media as my sole source of backup as I figure between the DVD’s and hard drives etc, the chances of you losing any of your higher importance data should be slim.

Let’s wait for more opinions

what is the advantage of using an internal reader / writer with SATA / IDE to USB adapter and not the external reader / writer drive with USB?

LG / Lite-On / ASUS brands support M-Disc and others like Pioneer do not support M-Disc so it would be limited to regular DVDs only

Personally I would use blu-ray BD-R HTL 25 GB media, Verbatim. They are inorganic and not expensive. Only a blu-ray burner is expensive. The best from my point of view: get full sized SATA burner and put it inside external USB enclosure box powered from separate power supply. Best quality burning, not flimsy as slim external drives. Or just connect SATA burner with SATA to USB adapter if you do not need fancy enclosure.

What is the advantage of purchasing an internal SATA DVD writer / reader drive and not an external USB drive? is the durability of the internal drive and weather resistant greater?

Is MDisc inorganic?

Bluray drive is expensive

One minor thing that usually one don’t think about, it’s that USB devices sometimes get their connectors totally destroyed by use. This shouldn’t happen if the device uses good quality female ports instead of built-in male connector, since that allows to easily replace the cables. I don’t know too much about this specific subject, but I’ve seen enough external drives turned into expensive paperweight over the years to know better.

I’m confused, I don’t know if I should buy an internal drive and use a USB / SATA adapter or buy an external USB drive

I think the adapter cannot reduce the performance of the unit because it may have burning and reading errors but using the drive outside the PC is very interesting but there is a problem with fragile USB