What Burst Rate is needed for 12X burns?

I am sorry to ask this as I am sure it has been addressed somewhere but I really did search. Tons of answers for 16X but not easy to find for 12X.

I am able to get 13Mb/s on one of my boards and I need to know if this will support 12X.


Burst rate is just that. It has little to do with the sustained transfer rate you will need for burning. The only way to know if you have enough sustained speed is to try it and see. 12x is a bit over 16,000 .

Lots of things can affect the measured burst rate in various utilities, I wouldn’t rely on that number.

Exactly what I needed to know. I will plan to stay at 8X and do faster burning on the MB IDE. Much thanks.

Just check it using Nero DVD Speed or use the SIMULATION mode.