What burning software?

Hello all… I am new and rather confused :confused: (see I told you)

I would like to know what is considered the best (and easiest) software to use for burning DVD’s?

I am assuming that all the software out there does have capability to record in the correct format/convert to read on a standard DVD player… but I have been wrong before :o

Any advice much appreciated


For DVD burning, hands down it’s ImgBurn.
Use the mirror to download.

burn what? as a good all rounder NERO can’t be beaten, use the smartstart system and its fairly easy, most of the settings are ok on default, the only drawback is the price.(don’t load the IN CD)

I would be in agreement with silver-spirit with nero but you have to ask yourself what are you burning and what do you want to burn and how much your willing to spend if you go out and buy the software or if you downloading the freeware makes sure it has the feature and support that your looking for. I myself can’t recommend nero as I had previous experiences using that program. But other that read this might have their experiences that they can relate to you to better find a program that fit your needs.