What burning software to use

I just bought a NEC 3540A DVD burner from Newegg. This is my first DVD burner. I’m wondering what software to use. I have a copy of Nero 5 but it doesn’t recognize the NEC. It may be proprietary to another CD burner I had previously.

If your looking to copy DVD movies, I use cladDVD.net to decrypt the dvds and remove macrovision and region coding. Then I use DVDShrink to transcode the dvds to fit on a normal 4.7gb Single Layer DVD. Then I set it to make it into a iso image and use Alcohol 120% to burn the image files. Both cladDVD.NET and DVDShrink can be downloaded from here http://www.clonead.co.uk/. Hope it helps ya!


To copy DVDs, the simple way to go and still get good results would be DVD Shrink in conjunction with DVD Decrypter / ImgBurn. Once you get the hang of things, look into DVD Rebuilder if you become more demanding of the quality of the backups (although DVD Shrink will do a good job and be much faster).

Your older version of Nero probably doesn’t even support that burner, and/or you have an OEM version of Nero that only works with the burner that it came with.

If you need a program for doing data backups rather than DVD movie backups, there are a few decent freeware programs out there as well.

Thanks for the info. I primarily plan to use the burner for making DVDs from home movies shot on my DV cam. I’m a total newbie to the process so forgive my ignorance. I don’t even have a decent editor. Just using the software that came with the camera. It’s a Panasonic PV-GS400.

If you are looking at a general DVD burner Nero is a good way to go. Try a demo of Nero 6.6 or 7.0 and see if it supports your NEC Burner, your version 5.0 may not support your drive. I am running 6.6 and it seems pretty solid on my Pioneer burner and I know NEC is a good burner so you should have no problems with Nero.

If you are looking at DVD copies of movies then there are several options. You can use anydvd and clonedvd for the copy. Another solution is DVDFAB, which is what I run. Here are some links to check out. What I would do is download trial/demo version of both packages and see which one you like.



Both DVDFAB and AnyDVD are both very good programs and it gives you one software with a one click option for making a copy.

Just saw your post about home movies. If you don’t mind parting with the $$$ then DVDLAB is a good choice. DVDLAB will let you pull in a VOB, AVI or Mpeg video and compile a dvd with custom menus, scene selections, ect… Its a little expensive but it’s also very powerfull. check it out at

DVDLAB Software

If you are interested in video editing I use a very simple editor that can be had here:

Video Edit Magic

None of these toys are free, however.

Thanks for the tip robo100. Do you use the Studio or Pro version?