What burning software do you use?


I use ImgBurn, but I don’t like the fact that it has not updated for years. I have looked, but I not find an alternative. Does anyone have a suggestion?


CDBurner XP is actively supported, and does quite a lot.


Still using old Nero 7 for CD and DVD, Imgburn, and for BD-R Nero 12 Essentials.

Sometimes I use also Power2Go 8, but only because it is included on some work-PCs

Nothing changed the last years, so I don´t need a newer SW

In early 2000 old burn software don´t recognized newer drives, but don´t had this problems since years


I think that even if nothing has changed the last years, every decent software needs to be updated even for maintenance reasons and to show that it is still supported.


Commercial software should be, with Freeware it is more a benefit


I tried CDBurnerXP and it’s more complicated than ImgBurn to use. Also I don’t see that it has the ability to automatically generate labels (for example with current date and time).


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I use Clone DVD. That too has not been updated for years. But it still works.


ImgBurn is what I suggest for general data burning and for overburning AUDIO CD’s if you need to do that as CDBurnerXP does not support overburning a AUDIO CD. but for general AUDIO CD’s CDBurnerXP is what I suggest, but only the minimal version which is… https://cdburnerxp.se/download?more-options ; and select the “default installer (without installCore)” and I generally go with the x64 version although either is fine.


IMGBURN is good for everything here, regardless if it is CD-R/W, DVD±R DL, HD DVD-R/W DL or BD-R/E DL XL (TL/QL) media and DVD-RAM up to 12x!


I too would recommend ImgBurn. I still use it to burn audio CDs, data to BD-R, and an occasional DVD.


It would appear like the days are numbered for CDs,DVDs, and BluRays being used to record music or data. The new media appears to be flash drives or the various flavors of memory cards. So since burning information to Disc is such a mature practice there is nothing driving new software updates. Clone DVD and CloneBD are excellent applications for duplicating movie discs on DVDs and BluRay discs when used along with ANYDVD HD. CDBurnerXP looks and feels similar to the old Easy CD Creator application from years ago and does a very good job of burning data to discs. Imgburn also does a decent job of copying and burning discs. Then of course there is always the old dependable Nero. Personally I prefer Nero Express instead of plain Nero because it is easier to use. I have each of these programs in my toolkit and use each one at different times depending on what task I am performing. If you want open source or freeware then Imgburn and/or CDBurnerXP are the best choices.


I use ImgBurn for all except multi-session.
On those rare occasions I need multi-session, I use Nero.
I think the only reason to need updates would be if you purchase a new optical drive that is not recognized.
Flash drives appear to be more perishable than a properly stored optical disc.
I think finding quality BD-R’s and drives at a reasonable price are more of a problem than finding software updates.
Just my two cents. Good Luck.


I know this is not a contribution–but what feature or ability are you looking for that other (even paid) programs do, that you want to use, that ImgBurn doesn’t do. Lots of features on some of the others–but would you use them. Pappy used to tell me–if a ain’t broke–don’t fix it! :slight_smile:
this post isn’t even worth my 2 cents!


ImgBurn even though not updated all that often is my usual preference.

Also excellent is AnyBurn which can do most things that ImgBurn can do and some that it can’t. It’s also updated 2 or 3 times a year.


Thank you, it looks interesting