What burning software do you use with your BenQ?



What burning software do you use with your BenQ/Philips?

I’m just curious :slight_smile:

I use DVD Decrypter for burning DVD’s and Winamp 5.09 Pro for CD-R.

I have read that Nero isn’t that good for burning DVD’s. Don’t know if it’s true though.



I use Nero only.


Nero works ok for me


Nero and DVDDecrypter - R.I.P. - what ? is shall not use it now ? =)

For DL, DVDDecrypter is the only one doing layer break optimisation on ISO.
VSO CopyToDVD does it in file mode but is not free. Nero doesn’t know what is a layer break optimisation and put the layer break in the middle of a scene (they don’t care about it), not between to cell…


I use Nero for data & CD’s.
I use CloneDVD2 for movie backups.


NERO & DECRYPTER works for me.


What he said.



I use what DVD_ADDICT does.




i use nero — have played around with alcohol but it gives verying quality in burns


nero, decrypter !!!


Alcohol 120% ~ for imaging and burning imaged files
Nero ~ in cd-packet writing
cloneDVD and AnyDVD ~ For backing up movies (trials…i would recommend AnyDVD only!!!)
Decrypter ~ for ripping altering VOB files; editing of molecular modelling clips
DVD-Fab platinum ~ split DVD 9 to DVD 5 (trial only…not bad but dont like the paraffin driver)
Neroexpress ~ conversion of mpegs and avis to VOB
DVD shrink ~ compression of some files that exceed a dvd

I think i have the longest list…i like trial software…get any idea of their strengths and weaknesses


Nero & Decrypter for me.


same here :slight_smile:

nero for data and decrypter for movies.


Nero, Decrypter and DVD Shrink.


I use Nero and DVD Decrypter. I use both these apps with my DW1620 and my DVR-109.


I use anydvd and clonedvd2


Nero and Dvddecrypter


I own dvd fab the best using express,1Click DVD Copy, this program is great for movies only because you can have menus, nero record, fast but doesn;t like tv series disc, clone dvd, just to ck setting etc to slow, any dvd a must no matter what program, fab has its own but i still like any dvd, fab the only one to take out black screen


There’s too much agreement here, :Z a contrarian opinion is needed. :wink:
Formerly used Nero, now DVDDecrypter for video, RecordNow for everything else. And yes, I know the RN interface looks ghey.


I use what fritzi uses…(hurray!, I’m for the other team!)

RecordNow 7.3 burns as well as (if not better than) RecordNow 4.5. It’s a bear to use, but you won’t get better scans from Nero.