What Burning Program do I need?!

Hey I’ve got a problem I need some help with.

So recently we’ve been burning our VHS tapes to DVD’s… I took a few of the DVD’s and wanted to copy them, but my comp won’t copy anymore. So I pulled the files out and put them on my hard drive.

So I have the containing folder, then two folders inside of that.

The first folder is called VIDEO_RM, there are 3 files inside VIDEO_RM, VIDEO_RM.BUP, and VIDEO_RM.IFO

The other folder is called VIDEO_TS, then there are 6 .vob files called VIDEO_TS, then a few more .bup and .ifo files.

So how can I burn these to watch on a standalone dvd player? I’d settle for just watching them on my computer. Any help would be much appreciated.

I recommend ImgBurn

Burn the Video_TS folder to a dvd. ImgBurn is a good choice for this, and is free to download and use: www.imgburn.com

If you want to watch the dvd from the hard drive of the computer, there are a couple of free choices for this: VLC www.videolan.org

and Media Player Classic HomeCinema (Google for this…the forum software breaks the link unfortunately, so I can’t post it)

Use the Video_TS folder as input to either of those programs.