What burning application to use with 411S?

Nero 6.x has some issues to be resolved
I’m not too sure what other burning applications fully support 411S FSO7?
Alcohol may do it but it only burn images and not files on the fly or compilations
thank you

Nero 5.5 works very well.

I have been playing with the bundled clean skin unbrqanded DVDRs that came in the box after I istalled Stomp’s Record Now Max 4.5 and the result was pleasing as far as writing data finished a 3.5gb data disc. The verification message come up with some errors so I went on checking CRC with Total Commander and certainly some files showed errors however this was not entirely unexpected
In a few more hours I’ll try Nero 5.5.

Mate I have not had too much success with either nero 6x or the sonic/recordNow max programs for burning.

What HAS been working for me is creating isos by using sonic/mkisofs/nero and then burning with dvd decrypter.

I dont know why this works but I have found that nero wont even start burning with the majority of discs and crashes the 'puter and when it does start it just burns crap which fails to verify. Sonic is pretty much the same but it will write no matter what and then fail to verify :frowning: .

There might be another program out there that is doing good things for this drive but all I can say is im glad I have it :bow: .

Cheers. :slight_smile:

RecordNow Max works nicely for me.

Nero 6 works nicely for me.

For burning movies, I just pop an ISO into either of these, works a treat.

I have found RNM to be a slightly more stable burning engine than that of Nero 5.5 and 6.

/Sorry Ahead…but code bloat has left its mark on you…=(

i have not found any certain program to not burn a working dvdr.

nero 6
dvd decrypter
IMGTool Burn (takes VIDEO_TS directory and burns it without making an image and does a damn good job)

i have found that inconsistant media being more of a problem than software.

Hey thanks for the advice on image tool burn. I am trying it now.

I have a certain movie to backup a few times for the few copyright owners that I know :wink: I will be trying out a few different burning programs as I go.

btw here is a link to the vid and a synopsis… tis much good.

I really am sorry for this post.

What Burning application to use with 411S?

Alcohol works really well, pour some on and strike a match. :wink:

Fireburner works well too, just toss it on the fire :frowning:

Watch out for the soon to be released Flamethrower, just the thing for those melting moments :a

I really am sorry for this post.

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People have been banned here for less…:smiley:

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Feurio & WinOnCD 5 works?