What Burner

Was thinking of buying a new burner since my recent is not that kind of best writer.
Now i´m having an NEC 7500A and does it jobs so far, but what burner do you people here recommend.

I need recommendation on a few depending of what they can do.

Let´s say all new games with protections.
Music-CD´s with protections.

Is there any writer who is able to defeat most of the protections on the market.

I´m using CloneCD as program to burn.


If you want the best value and just about best of everything, I recommend the Lite-On.

Right now at www.newegg.com you can buy a bulk LTR-48125W thats 48x12x48x for 45 bux with free s/h. Other prices and all that can be searched up with www.pricewatch.com

Go for the Asus 48x16x48
Does the job perfect:bigsmile:

Check with CloneCD to make sure whatever you buy is a Two Sheep burner, as in it can copy like the latest SD2 games.

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