What burner to get for a Dell M60 (Latitude D-series) notebook?



I’ve been browsing quite a bit and I must tell you… I’m glad I did! If I didn’t browse the site today I probably would of bought a Sony DW-R56A and been subjected to having to update the firmware right away to even burn the DVD-R discs I have sitting on my desk. That would not of been fun!

Since browsing today I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the drive I want to purchase is a ‘NEC ND-6500A.’ Am I right in assuming this or is there some other drive I should be purchasing? I’m looking for the best speed using Ritek G05 8X DVD-Rs. I’m also looking for a dual layer drive. Any advice/information/etc that you guys can provide would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you! :bow:


The NEC would be fine. The fact that it can be somewhat easily found for purchase is important because such slimtype drives seem to be hard to come by. You an buy it at Newegg.


I went ahead and got it off eBay as the one from NewEgg doesn’t appear that it’ll work in my Dell Precision M60. If it did it’d look horrible. Aside from the NEC and the Sony (R56A) is there any other dual layer slimline drives for Dells that I should of looked into? Thanks!