What burner to buy?

Hi all.
I want to buy a Dual Layer burner, but im not sure which one of these burners are better:

Philips 885
Lite-on SOHW-832S
Nec 2510A

Im leaning towards the liteon, but im not sure which of the 3 is better.
(bitsetting is a must)

Thanks :slight_smile:

If bitsetting’s a must, then get the Lite-On.

While all the Liteon and NEC2510a have good reviews here, I’ve recently purchased 2 nec2510a’s from newwegg for around $86 each.
First one was for me, second one for a friend. We have both burned both cdr and dvd media with good results.

Everybody has individual needs, but for my needs, I’m very happy with my nec 2510a…:slight_smile: :iagree: