What burner to buy

Hi all

I have been gone for some time. My Plextor 716a stoped working
and I need a new burner whats out thats good I have a nec 3520aw
and a lite-on 8325 but I want something that can make up for my Plextor.

Hi to all my old friends good to see everyone is still here

If you only care about burning quality, I’d go with Pioneer 112 or 112D. I own a 112D and crossflashed it to a 112L, and it handles double layer Verbatim especially well. I definitely concur with it being voted the #1 optical storage device on cdfreaks.

If you also need a scanning device, I’d go with the Lite-On LH-20A1P (non-lightscribe) or LH-20A1H (same drive, but with lightscribe).

Some of the best buring drives are made by BenQ. Great drives, but hard to find. Theres a DW1640 on ebay. Check the forums for more on BenQ drives.

I think I want a BenQ but what model to get? :confused:

I have one of the last BenQs available, the 1655, and as good as it was, the Pioneer 111, 112, and current crop of LG drives do as well or better with media that BenQ was not happy with. You would be better off with a current LG or Pioneer than paying a premium for an older Benq. If you are sold, the 1650 and 1655 were then best of the last. The 1640 would be OK, but avoid the non-BenQ model, can’t remember the number, but someone here will; something like 920 or 970?

thank you