What Burner to buy and ide interface

Hey guys–would like advice.

First–I read a thread on burn quality where users submitted burns and came up with the top 5 drives as far as burn quality. I wrote down the drives but did not mark the thread (would like to return to review the submitted burns. Any one here able to give me that link?

I would like to get a decent burner (both dvd/cd) that can burn decent quality and also a decent reader. What is the best out there right now as I see mixed reviews on almost every drive?? I would like the price to be $50 or less–which leaves the Plex out. I would like to be able to use Nero cd-dvd drivespeed for reading or/and also kprobe if I decide on a litey.

So far I am looking at–please feel free to comment–add a drive to look at, or any advice at all:

  1. Liteon LH-20a1h (newegg has free shipping so it will cost me the same as an oem version (This should be the same burn quality as the LH-18a1p correct??):

  2. Liteon 165P6s In deals section there is a link for these.

*Would love a BenQ but I just can not fine one.

A. I already have a Liteon 1673 @1693 firmware. It gives great burns on both DVD and CD but I think it may be ready to go as it makes noise on first seek on dvd media.

B. I also have a Pio 111d. Great DVD burns but not so good on cd burns. Not much of a reader either. I use TY media on both dvd and cd, so maybe it does not like ty cd media (any comments on this)??

Also–what is a decent ide card to use as I have both of my ide ports in use and would like to add a 3rd ide for more optical drives?? I looked at this card–what do you guys think:

Thanks for any advice/input/help!!

Well the higher model (I also have a 832S and 20A1H) is suppose to be a better unit and quality wise but it also will depend alot on the media types you use to burn and at what speed. Also with that is the software you plan to use. Well I personally would buy a belkin PATA card controller as I currently have one in my system and it has worked out well as I am using only one of the IDE and 3 fee IDE to for future use. But how many IDE ports do you have? Mine was a 2 IDE and 2 Raid connectors for a total of 8 HDD but only have 5 for HDD and two for my burners.

Read the following thread about BenQ availability:


I now have two IDE ports/connectors (I have read that if you run sata drives on this mobo that you can only use one of the ide connectors–true of false I do not know–but I have not had any problems yet:

Port1/connector one: Two IDE hard drives master/slave
Port2/connector2: Two IDE Optical drives Pio master/Liteon as slave.

Also 2 SATA ports: Connected are two Western Digial Raptors (Raid0–one drive to each sata connector)

I use only TY media (should be real deal as I buy from rima.com)

I try at all different speeds as far as dvd/cd burns. Liton has good cd burns where the pio has acceptable burns but I want 95% or better quality. The liteon will give me 95% most of the time but not the pio when burning music cd’s.

My Specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
1 gig Crucial PC3200 (2 sticks)
1 Floppty
2 Optical drives as mentioned above.
2 IDE hard drives
2 SATA hard drives Raid0
Antec server case with 430 watt p/s w/5 case fans

Hard to go shopping here as I am in the sticks (30 miles to cc and 40 miles to best buy). Have not found a Benq online (I want a model that can scan any way–and I think I read the 1650/55 can not scan??).

Thanks for comments and please offer more comments if you have any.


Suggest that you replace the 1673 with this LiteOn SHW 160P6S (one of the best burners ever made IMO) while they are still available:


I just bought two to backup the one I have in my Burning Machine-eh!!


Is the a half height or full height drive?? (I need full height)

Any links to reviews or/and scans on this drive as I can not find any?


The 165P6S is the same as the 160P6S, just without RAM support, as I recall. The burn quality is the same and reviews are here

There have not been full hight drives of any kind for 20 plus years for the PC so I think you are referring to slim or something else.

Is the Lite-on model no. LH-20A1S a good drive?

How does it differ from the 20A1H?

Thanks guys. Appreciate a response.


Put my order in. One response above said same as 65 series w/o ram support. Review he linked me to said excellent cd-r burn quality.

How is the cd-r burn quality on your units as that is one spec I am very interested in?? Should have asked before I put order in.


I have found that most DVD burners are not the best at CDs but if I drop the burn speed to 20X, even CMC CDs burn just fine.


I have a a month old Pioneer 111d that just stinks at music cd burns. I have tried all different speeds it does not seem to make much of a difference. I use TY media so that should not be a problem.

I suppose it is possible my 1673 liteon may just not like the 111d burns on cd, but I get excellent burns on the ty dvd media-scanned by the litey.

I suppose it is “possible” the 111d does not like the ty media but I have nothing else to try it on at the moment.

I hear you though as far as the dvd burners not giving the best cd burns. That sure appears to be correct. When I drop the speed on my liteon 1673 I get excellent cd burns, but it is scanning on the same drive it was written on–not sure if that counts?

This was an interesting article on burns scanned with Pro gear vs software (cd-dvd drivespeed and kprobe):


I have been reading on cdfreaks for about a year now off and on and still some of this optical stuff is over my head.

Thanks for the replys guys!!