What Burner to Burn DVDs for Home Theater


I rushed out and bought a Pacific Digital 4X burner over Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m just now getting around to burning DVDs with it. The premature birth of my baby daughter and subsequent constant care of newborn baby kind of superceded the desire to learn how to edit and burn movies to DVD. Now people are screaming for DVD movies of my daughter (since I boasted about having a DVD burner).

The burner package said +R, +RW, -R, -RW (all the formats at the time), so it sounded like a good deal. I bought some +R, -R and +RW disks. The first two attempts (+R and -R) produced errors (related to formatting) from the MyDVD burning software. Pacific Digital’s tech support said there’s a known issue with their burner and Memorex DVDs - download a patch.

The patch allowed me to BURN +RWs and -Rs, but I still get an error on +Rs. NONE of the successfully burned disks will play in my home theater DVD player! That’s the main reason for my wanting to burn DVDs - to share my videos with other people so they can play them on their TVs.

So, what burner should I get that is most compatible with various media formats and players?

If memory serves me correctly Pacific Digital drives are just ‘rebadged’ NEC or LiteOn drives, which just happen to be two of the best drives on the market right now.

Lets start with what burner you really have. Download DVDInfoPro and let us know all the what info it says under drive information as seen in the right hand side of this screenshot.

Next let’s get the media codes from the media you are using so we know what you are really dealing with (if you don’t feel like downloading DVD Identifier you can use DVDInfoPro to get media codes as well).

Get back to us with that information.

Device Manager shows it as “GENERIC DVD DUAL 4XMax”.

Do you have a serial number to go with that DVDInfoPro? I’m less than enthusiastic about installing adware on my computer :eek:

Do not request serials. It is HIGHLY against our forum rules (not to mention illegal). Consider this your only warning. :cop:

Let’s do this then, you should be able to get some detailed information from CD Speed instead (the Drive tab).

Here are the results from a DVD +R:

I think it’s the model U-30166. The box looks the same and the model number sounds familiar.

I have a feeling it’s a LiteOn drive but I’m not certain yet.

Regardless, from that CD Speed scan is appears that DMA is not enabled. Try enabling it and see if that does the trick.

BTW, what I wanted (and would still like) is the drive information from Nero InfoTool. I said CD Speed by mistake, but in the long run if may have been a good thing if the above sugestion is your problem. If you drive is a LiteOn you’ve got many neat tools you will be able to play with (see my signature), plus you should be able to upgrade to LiteOn firmware.

If that doesn’t work try everything found below (obviously you will have already tried #3):

I just realized something. I used a +R for the CD Speed test yesterday, and it wrote to the DVD - a DVD that I used previously with Sonic’s MyDVD and had a problem.

The problem that I have with +Rs and MyDVD is that MyDVD does all of its project processing, coding, transferring, etc. which takes a good 45 minutes to an hour, and then when it starts writing to the DVD, the status indicator says “cancelling”. At that point, the application appears to be frozen except that I can press the Cancel button in the GUI.

If I press the DVD burner’s eject button, nothing happens. If I press the GUI’s cancel button, the status indicator says, “please wait - canceling…” and then the entire computer gets weird - I have to use Task Manager to close the MyDVD program and to shut down the computer, and it takes the computer literally about 2 or 3 minutes to properly shut down.

And that’s just the +R DVDs. -R and +RW DVDs burn okay, but again I can’t play them on my TV.

I may be wrong about the model number, but I’m 99% certain this thing is not a LiteOn. I’ve never seen anything about “LiteOn” on the manuals, labels, drivers, disks, operating system or anywhere else.

I made a few suggested changes:
Disconnected Primary CD Burner and made DVD burner Single/Master
Replaced 40-pin cable with 80-pin
Changed PIO mode to DMA in the device manager

Since making those changes, I tried the +R with the same results.

I’m gonna pull the drive out and get all the specifics that I can for you.

…and I truly appreciate all the help that you’re giving me on this! :smiley:

Accesstek model DD0201

Well I’ll be…

It was a freakin’ setting in the MyDVD program!!! :a

In the application preferences under “Disc Recording”, you can choose between “Faster disc finishing” (default) or “Enhanced player compatibility”.

Silly me! When I installed the program, I wanted my DVDs to have maximum compatibility, so I had changed it Enhanced player compatibility!

When I realized that the CD Speed test wrote to a disk that I was having problems with in the MyDVD program, I got to lookin’ at the preferences (and there aren’t that many). The only preference that could’ve possibly been an issue was the one I changed. So I changed it back, and now my burner is recording +R DVDs that are playing on my TV right now!!!

So, I am very happy that this issue is resolved!!! :smiley:

Thanks again Ssseth for your help and attention in dealing with this matter! You led me down the path that helped me realize that it had to be a software issue. :bow:

Glad to hear you got is solved. :iagree: