What burner is needed for backing up PC game using CloneCD?

I have Clone CD on my computer, and i understand how to back up PC games, but i was wondering if the burner on my computer will work to burn the games? It perfectly burns DVDs, Audio CDs, and Data CDs. Im not sure what the burner is called, but it is on my Gateway computer. Please respond ASAP! Thank you!

i also want to know if dell burners wil work to burn pc games?? i have a dvd±rw

it might burn the games but in most cases (if not all) u will need some sort of emulation for it to work… cause as far as i know you most likely cant get 1:1 copys of games like clonecd used to be able to make in the old days.

p.s. i aint no expert on clonecd as it’s been a while since i kept upto date on game copy protection but i do know that as far as i know a game like “hitman blood money” for the pc cant be copied without emulation and so far nothing works to run that game from a backup besides using “Securom Loader v1.2” to get the game to boot without the original disc in the dvd-rom drive… just thought i would mention this.