What burner best suits this media

I recently bougt a spindel of unlabeled Princo 4 Speed ( About 1,38 euro a piece) and I was thinking about getting a new dvd-r drive.

But I don’t know which of the following two I should choose :

  • Pioneer DVR 105 219 Euro

  • Nec 1300A 250 Euro

I favor to the Nec because it’s able to burn DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) , but have been reading things that it doesn’t support the Princo discs I bought (they are unlabeled , white top 4 Speed Princo DVD-R discs).

And I read somewhere else that the Pioneer supports them @ 4 speed. Big downside being that the Pioneer 105 doesn’t support DVD+R(W).

I would like to hear somebody’s experience (only people who have either a Pioneer 105/A05 or a Nec 1300A and have used Princo 4 speed discs on them)

Thanks for your help in advance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys ! :frowning:

Go and look in the firmware forum I have seen a cracked firmware for this drive in there

i would go for the pioneer. I got the a05 and it can burn my non whitetop princo’s perfectly. I dont got any on-hands experience, but i heard there are some ppl having probling with the nec drive. although it is +r and -r compatible i wouldnt buy that one. If u really want dual compatibility i would go for the pioneer a06. But eaven better is to look on the net ur self and do some research.
It would be sad if u bought a drive cause one person said so