What burn speed for DVD copies?

I got a 1213@1653 using CSOK firmware. What speed should I copy DVD’s to get the best quality? I burned one at 8x an got a couple of scene that were pixelated. This is on TY 02 dvd+r disks btw.


IMHO pixelating is not related to burning speed. It’s related to the conversion software and/or to compression ratio.

Burnspeed doesn’t matter with the quality of your dvd. Use different software to see which gives better quality. It also matters which size your dvd is. And how you ripped it.

I used CloneDVD to rip the image. If I use Alcohol 120% to burn the SAME image would I possibly get a better disk, or do I need to use Alcohol to rip the original image?

get this: http://www.dvdshrink.org/

I try with dvd decrypter first and then dvd shrink to compress and to burn, and I have the same problem (with the 1213s ). I try dvd2one and recordnow max, and it doesn’t work. Finally I try with clonedvd2 and it’s the same. I don’t know what to do. I use Platinum dvds and burn at 4X. Has anybody a solution?

The combination of media (quality), burnspeed + burner, IMHO.

I was using 4x dvd’s to write and now I got 8x. The problem I am having is that the 8x write speed is writing just as slow if not slower than the 4x. Does anyone know why this may be? I did chang the setting in clonedvd to 8x from 4x and it does not make a difference.

Do your drive with UDMA 2 or 4 enable…?

Well apparently it is the software used to play the DVD, because when I put the dvd in another player there was no pixelation.

I burn all mine at 16X or 4X for DL without any problems. Only Verbatim media(16X and 4X DL)

@ karategirl

Burn quality will usually depend on how much compression from DL down to SL media. Personally, I use DVD Decrypter to rip then use VobBlanker to reduce size (this program will let you keep menu’s without need for replacement pictures as in Shrink). Then use Shrink to reduce size to fit on SL. Customise burn size and reduce max size by 100meg. Shrink uses Nero (if installed) to burn. I burn at 4x with great results (use 1653S & TY media although any good media should do). Hope this helps :wink: