What bugs you not to be confused with what bothers you

Do bugs bug you

One summer I drove 45 minutes to work everyday and one morning a cicadas flue in my window the noise it made was nerve racking and I was driving and couldn’t find the bugger to stop the noise.I’m glad I don’t live on the east coast.

I kind of like cicadas .
Mosquitoes used to bug me . Now I usually only get a few bites a year.
I’ve found if I don’t eat certain food they usually find someone that tastes better to them.
It takes at least two weeks of not eating these foods to completely take effect.
The main culprit is bananas .
Add to that avocados, kiwi , & to a lesser degree coconut.
There are probably more but I guess I don’t eat those any way.

I don’t know if this would work if you live in a “jungle” environment .

Eating bananas is like ringing the dinner bell for mosquitos

I’ve found that eating Liver, Garlic and onions makes you a moving
mosquito free zone

I don’t eat a lot of liver . Ocasionally chicken liver.
I do consume a fair amount of garlic & onions .
So that probably helps too.
I like bananas but I usually stop eatting the from May to October.
I now think even when I get bit it is because I ate some dessert that had some hidden bananas in it.

The main bugs that really bug me are clegs, midges and wasps, with clegs being the worst.

Clegs are what we call a horse-fly and they are pretty common here. They give rather nasty bites, which take 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal. Like mosquitoes, their bites are not felt until long after they’ve flown off. When a cleg goes after me, it will persistently try landing until it is swat dead, very annoying when it flies behind my back or when carrying something. Unlike midges, they come out even when it is windy.

Midges are basically like miniature mosquitoes, difficult to see, yet give rather itchy bites that last a few days. They are present when the air is calm and swarm particularly bad when it is overcast, making it very unpleasant to do any work outdoors.

Wasps are most annoying during the late summer and fall, which means we generally never eat outdoors. I remember last year looking forward to a seafood festival and ended being unable to sample much food as the wasps were persistently flying around my face even despite the heavy crowd there, very annoying.

I don’t get bit by horse flies much either.
I used to get bit by what we call a deer fly at the lake but usually only after swiming.
If I was just fishing not very often.
You can usually feel the bite but like Seán posted about the horse flies where he lives . The bite can take at least a week to heal & longer to completely disappear.

Deer flies have a wider more triangle shaped wings & usually stripped wings.

I don’t think we have midges here. Usually if I don’t get near a wasp nest I’m not bothered by them. I have over the years had to kill a agressive wasp though.

If they attach a nest to my house I poison it.

For the deer files I don’t think insect repellent does much good.

I only dislike bugs that attack me for no reason.

I’ve posted this one before but the colours in this ‘cuckoo wasp’ still amaze me and it’s the only time I’ve ever seen anything like this here.

It was trapped in my computer room here and I took some photos before I let it out as I thought it looked stunning.


The amazing mantis shrimp

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2687176]The amazing mantis shrimp[/QUOTE]

That is amazing never heard of them,now horse fly are bugs that are really annoying and bite to,they sure bug me.Now that I live by the water just some fish fly’s that hatch out once a year bug me because they get in your nose, mouth and where ever they can get into.

For me? Outside of the mosquito buzzing wasps and bees in close proximity really freak me out. I go on a wasp killing rampage around my house every season. Outside of the obvious reasons they attack one of my feeders which bring in very pleasant and entertaining visitors that also make a buzzing sound. . . .hummingbirds

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2687176]The amazing mantis shrimp[/QUOTE]

Wow, the colours on that are amazing! :iagree: