What brands of media do you use?

I’ve read some posts suggesting the use of different media to overcome what appears to be freezing during the finalizing of the disk, (waiting it out a few minutes usually ends up OK). I’ve repeatedly experienced this with FujiFilm 16x disks. I do not have this problem using Sony 4x media. Since brand availability differs with the stores you frequent, I was wondering what brands/speeds the other members of this forum have had the best success with. I’d pay a little more for the reassurance. As I have found out, this software rocks. :bigsmile: Sometimes the media doesn’t.

Hello Carbide and welcome to the DVDFab Forum

If you are having a prblem with DVDFab Platinum Freezing on you do this

In commen settings in the write section change the “Write type of DVD-R Media” from Packet writing to SAO writing… this may help you on this issue


Real skinflint I am! Just use budget ( £12.50/100 ) dvd’s and they work fine at 8x burning speed. Never in any real hurry to break any sort of record, anyway. DVD Fab Platinum does a really great job. :slight_smile:

I use which ever brand is on sale and have never had a problem really with any brand, maybe one or two bad disk in a pack of 100 and I always use the burn speed of 4X which works out great for me

Thanks Tim, I’ll try that. Since that post, I’ve tried a couple other brands that worked fine. I’ve got about fifty of those shiny scarecrow sequins left :smiley:

I use Verbatim 16x +R ,MCC-004. They are by far other than Ty’s the best media that I’ve used so far. I can run my burner flat out at 18x with no issues what so ever. Just made a back-up at 4.38 gigs. in 4:45 sec. and no problems. I have tried Maxell, nothing but freeze ups and skips. But that could be just my burner, who knows. So that’s my choice, an everyone has one, LOL. And welcome to the club Carbide. ~Mike

Thanks Mike,
I’ve been poking my nose around in some other forums as well. It seems your opinion of Verbatim and Ty is mirrored by many long time forum members. I believe for added insurance, I’ll burn at 12x vs. 16. I’ve always had my own suspicions that burning at a slower speed could help reduce errors and improve playback quality. I’ve also seen many posts that reiterate this as well.
Thanks to everyone who replied. I’m off to buy some MMC-004- 00 Verbatims.


Yeah, you would be hard pressed to find better media than TY or Verbs (some verbs better than others for sure). They are the front runners in virtually every burning forum. This doesn’t mean you can’t find very good media outside of these two…

StormJumper has the digitalfaq link in his sig. If you haven’t already, I would encourage a read there… :iagree:

If you need links to media, just ask…mention where you reside… :wink:

CDR Zone did a test on this media that is mostly available European countries. It use the same Manufacturer as Verbatim.

Media name: Infiniti Samurai 16x DVD-R
Brand: Infiniti
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi® Kagaku Media
Made in: Taiwan
Media ID Code: MCC03RG20
Media Type: DVD-R
Rated speed: 16x
Max. storage capacity: 4.7GB
Writing surface colour (dye): Purple
Top surface colour: Azure Blue, Heather Lilac, LavaRed, Savanna Green and Sunset Yellow


i have been checking out verious media brands for some time now and have found that sooner or later a “bad batch” from all makers will appear on the shelf. most people on all forums worldwide have slated memorex and constantly quoted verbatim as the forerunner for media. however i have been using memorex 16x for a year now and have witnessed a considerable improvement in reliability and quality. this can also be attributed to the better burn engines out there as well. but ultimatly keeping your dvd-writers in pristine condition may well become more important as the software becomes less critical. so remember guys and dolls your software is only as good as the maintenance of your equipment.