What brands OEM the NEC 3500? Which generic to buy?

I keep seeing these deals on generic 16x dvd recorders (mad dog, pacific data, micro advantage, etc) but no indication of who actually makes the drive inside ?

What brands OEM the NEC 3500 (new 16x model) under what name? is there a guide for this sort of thing?

Advice appreciated.

Yes go here and you will get a list of 16x drives and also rebadges…

just go to newegg and get the nec nd-3500a there.

maddog for sure possibly tdk and hp but not sure

For 16x, the TDK 16x16 is NEC (16x12 is LO). HP is either LO or BenQ, not NEC. Mad Dog, IO Data and LaCie are the only “generics” I have heard of (then again, I don’t pay much attention to this stuff, so there are probably some that I missed :p)


Remember - we are a world wide forum - and not everyone is blessed with something like Newegg in their countries-


Well, since the op is asking for a generic, I’m assuming the reasoning is to save money.

Check out this link to fatwallet here. You’ll see that PC Connection has this 16x drive made by Kanguru. People who have emailed Kanguru tech support, and those who have already received their drives from PC Connection, confirm that it is an NEC 3500.

After rebate, it is $29.99 + shipping (plus tax in a few locations). You can also get 50 Fuji DVD-R discs free after rebate with the purchase of this drive.

I scanned through all 9 pages of the link above, and with the exception of mad dog, I saw no specific list of rebadged NEC 35xx drives. ? :o

Did I miss something?

Just don’t buy any and don’t look for excuse. $ 60 purchase is not mater of life and dead. You can’t have good decent diner for that price.

:rolleyes: Wow… I never said the drive wasn’t worth $65 @ newegg. My question was simple: What generic or oem brands are actually the NEC 3500? And the replies have been helpful until we get one from a “senior member” ? Very disapointing.

The basis for my question is, where I live we have many electronics stores, and most carry different brand recorders… HiVal, Pacific Digital, Mad Dog, Micro Advantage, Media Solutions, and a slew of others… Sometimes you see these drives for $29.99, $39.99, $49.99, etc…etc… I’ve even seen them as low as $9.99 after rebates and stuff (though not recently at that price). I was certain a list of current OEM’s that rebadged the NEC was available. At no time did I question or doubt the value of this or any other drive. :Z The sharp response was over the top I think.

well searching would be a good thing. i think cdrlabs forum has more of that stuff and there is a lot that goes on at fatwallet (almost bought a 3500 for 39.99 before this) but the post above with the Kanguru almost got me to buy another one except i couldn’t figure out where to put it. i have 2 2500s a 1633s and a maddog 3500 ext but another 3500 plus 50 dvds for 29.99 is a hella deal

Just bought me an NEC 3500 from zipflyzoom for 68.00 free 2 day fedex .Burnt my first DVD with DVDShrink and NERO.Awesome performance.Thanks to all the help and advice I read here .This forum kicks A$$!

I just recieved my Kanguru 16x from PC Connection today for $29.99 AR. And yes, it has the NEC-3500 sticker right on the bottom. I’ll let you know how it is after I receive my free 50 disks and start playing!

Looks like that $29.99 deal is over, says $99.99 - $20 rebate now = $79.99 :frowning: