What brands for DVD RW DL



Recently obtained a Sony DRU-830A (FW:23), primarily for data backup, so the 8x speed for Dual Layer DVDs was the attaction. As I understand it, + format is perferable over -, however after having visited several of my local retail shops, none offered any DL RW discs for either format! (Figure this is probably because the backup market is a more specialist product).

Want to get backing up ASAP, so hoping can get some recomendations on which brands are “the ones” to get, and can then do some searching for local suppiers.

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The reason is simply that [i]dual/double layer rewriteables do not exist on the market[/I]. :disagree:




First, there is no rewritable DL media.

Many people get confused because they see this on the label.


This means that the media in question is part of the DVD+RW Alliance, this does not mean that the media is rewritable.


There is only one brand to buy. Verbatim.

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Huh?? So what’s the point of having READ ability of DL DVD’s if I can’t CREATE em? :confused:

<raises hand> Count me in as one of those, the point of purchasing the drive was so could backup ~8.5Gb of data a disc, a more manageable size than 4.7 for the amount of data I wish to backup. Am I to understand that is not possible? Think kinda pointless selling a DVD burner which reads all, but only burns “some” formats, is like selling a 4-door car, but only the doors on one side open/close! :sad:


PS: Hmmm, just a thought, how much data can a DVD-RAM disc hold? (Never even heard of this format, but noticed my drive can burn DVD-RAM @ 12x, verses DVD+/-RW @ 8x, so maybe a possible Plan-B?).

Edit: According to the literature, “This drive is compatible with DVD-RAM discs displaying the [RAM2] mark”, if that helps at all.



Am I to understand that is not possible?

It is not possibile to create dual/double layer [B]rewritable[/B] (i.e. writable, erasable, writable again) media, because these media (that should be identified as DVD+R[B]W DL[/B] and DVD-R[B]W DL[/B]) do not exist. But you can burn DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media (that is “WORM” media: write once, read many): but once created, you cannot erase the DVDs and burn them again. :wink:

As a sidenote, I think that data backup on DL media is a [B]not[/B] a wise idea. :disagree:



Your still confused, as eltranquil is pointing out we are saying that you cannot write to this medium and then expect to be able to erase that medium and write to it again. Once you write to it, it’s a done deal.

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