What brand of media?

hello, i’ve been backing up dvd’s for a while. recently, i switched to sony DVD/+RW and the last few movies on main movie mode only (beowulf, rendition, the brave one) have all failed. I can understand one dvd being bad, but i’ve wased nearly 10 sony dvd +R. dvd fab burns it successfuly, but when i try to play it on my dvd player, it says error or dirty disc? i tried using tdk +R on beowulf, and it worked perfectly, it was faster too… I though sony’s were suppose to be good? what brand of media seems to be the best?

Everyone has a favourite brand they like using. The good ones are Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. You can find out more by reading the BLANK MEDIA forum.

I second the Verbatim recommendation. Easy to find, and a safe bet compatibility wise with 99.9% of modern burners. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum, jumper888 :slight_smile:

I use Windata DVD +R DL 8x.

Hello jumper888 and I also welcome you to the CDFreaks DVDFab forum. I, like Arachne, and many others here, use Verbatim 16x DVD +R. You can’t beat the quality, price, or consistancy with Verb’s. Also the 16x will burn at 18x and I’ve heard also at 20x. I know at 18x personnally. ~ Mike

Thanks, i will buy verbatim disc next time. I just can’t believe how many sony dvd +R i’ve wasted this past week. i might have bought a bad batch. i did not expect that from sony. oh well.

Good choice. You might try Newegg. I just bought 100 for 29.99 with free shipping and a 9.00 rebate. ~ Mike

verbatim and maxell


I like Verbatims. They are always on sale in my area for $12.99 for 50 pack. You can choose + or -. No rebates. :bigsmile:

Sony media is made by many different companies so the QA is not always up to par, My 2 PIO’s just don’t like Sony media. Like what was said the best bet Is TY’s or Verb’s

Some good advice if you are in the market for single layer media