What brand of media do you use?

Whats your picks on the best single layer dvd’s to use? Any particular brand that works better with dvd fab plat? Looking at Verbatim or Sony.

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I use the Sony D21 DVD+R disks exclusively with my LiteOn writers and DVDFab. So far I’ve done over 70 backups at 16x and had 2 bad Sony disks.

The D21’s are marketed under the Sony “AccuCORE” branding.

I would pick Verbatim over Sony, but not as much as some members would and Taiyo Yuden 8x over both.

I personally use Verbatim DVD+R 16X. As CCRomeo also says Taiyo is a great media as well. I can’t even stomach using anything else.


I second that and my PIO’s just don’t like Sony

I used to use Datawrite Grey -R 8x (Prodisc F02 Dye) but I can’t get them anywhere (Well I can but no guarantees on getting them with the Prodisc dye, more likely to get CMC MAG AE1 which are horrendous :frowning: )

I now use Taiyo Yuden -R (TYG 02 (8x) Dye) and they are absolutely fantastic, more expensive than the DataWrites but they work great.

Most ppl may disagree, but I stand by what I’ve always used successfully(over 5 yrs)…Memorex blank media. I use only LiteOn writers as well.

Have you always got the same MID with those Memorex?

would love to see a nero scan of those memorex from 5 years ago

It’s not so much what works with Fab…it’s what works well with your system and players. With the price of media these days, it just doesn’t make sense to use crappy media. I use TY’s and Verbs and they’re the front runners in terms of recommended media on virtually any forum. Does this mean there aren’t others that are good quality or will work well…of course not.
An example, sony discs are top quality, but more folks have compatiblity issues than with others, but you never know. One of the mods could never get TY’s to work in one of his burners…they worked everywhere else and despite firmware changes…no dice. He finally gave up and used different media for this burner.

As far as memorex, we’ve all probably used 'em and moved on…problem is, you never know what you’re gonna get.

For some good info, take a look at digitalFAQ.

@beachbumm…I couldn’t resist. This disc (branded Memorex) was burned over 3 years ago on a Liteon 401s…Liteon’s very first DVD+R/RW writer. Got it free with a copy of 321 studio’s dvdxcopy… :eek:
(I’ll look for an older one).
You can see it was never bitset…bitsetting was not available when I burned it… :bigsmile:
If I could be certain, I’d still be buying these “Memorex” Ricoh JPN R01’s… :wink:

Is this a great scan?..nope, but it’s not half bad either. So far this disc plays everywhere I’ve tried… :iagree:

Gotta agree with the concensus here. I’ve always used Verbatim DVD+R 16X "s and have never had any problems because of the disk. Unfortunatly I’ve never had the opportunitity to try Ty"s. But, my LG H-22 really likes the Verb’s, there you have it.~ Mike

I use to use Ritek (over 200 discs; no coasters until my 3rd 100 pack), now I’m using Verbatim DVD+R 16x with no problems so far, but have only used about 40 discs.

I use verbatims.

Yo Tom you wasted a precious R01 for a [B]non[/B] full burn man :frowning: I still have about 70 of them left :clap:

Just ordered another 100 Verbatims DVD-R 16X, Free Shipping, No Tax.

How much were they? And where did you get them. Just curious. ~ Mike

Verbatim DVD+R 16x. However sometimes i get very curious and pick other branded media too, just to test them. But i never store crucial data on them and usually a give away the most.

I like the Dash R Premium Taiyo Yuden SL and if you buy in bulk they are cheaper that less quality media. I will be glad when they start selling the Dash R Dual Layer discs. I try not to use Verbatim because they screwed me out of a couple of rebates and tech support does not reply to questions about the quality of their discs made in different countries. I have 2 shipments of TY’s that I have never opened.

$43.99 at supermediastore.com. About the same as Sams and Best Buy I think. 8X were cheeper. But no tax and they come to my door. TYs also cheeper. I think newegg may be even cheeper. The ones I got were MCC03RG20.