What brand is the best to get



just was wondering what would be the best brand to get for blank DVD. I was buying Verbatim from Best Buy when on sale but started buying Taiyo yuden (valueline) from blankmedia. Just wanted to know if their was a better brand. Also what is a better cdr to get. I know everyone has a favourite to use but just want to know if their was a better brand that is close to the same price as the Taiyo yuden (valueline)


My favourite media would be Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004), either Made in Taiwan or Made in India.

For CDR, slightly different, I would choose Taiyo Yuden-made ones.

You don’t say what drive/firmware you have…but MCC004 should be good with most, if not all, modern 16x drives.


I would agree with Arachne; Verbatim [I][B]not made in India[/B][/I] seem to be the most readily available and consistently good. As he indicated, the +R burn better in more drive types than do the -R.

I have given up on finding CDRs from particular maker as almost any branded type vary their manufacturer. Again, I would avoid India and anything from China. I also find that 16X will turn out a decent burn on even CMC discs.


[QUOTE=chas0039;2001142]…As he indicated…[/QUOTE]

Hehe, she :wink:

Yeah, the Made in Taiwan ones are best for all-round compatibility, I would agree :iagree:

(Although the Made in India ones do well with a couple of my burners, Samsung and LG).


[QUOTE=GJ;2001024]just was wondering what would be the best brand to get for blank DVD.[/QUOTE]
This is a very FAQ around here. Most people get good results
with Verbatim. I use Verbatim 16X +R MCC004 MIT,MIJ and MII.
All give pretty good results. I find MII (India not Ireland) is
marginally better than the others.

[QUOTE=GJ;2001024]Also what is a better cdr to get. [/QUOTE]
Japanese made Verbatim made by TY.


One good way to determine what media is ‘best’ is to read through some of the posts in this section of the forum. ‘Best’ is way too subjective but there are plenty of posts about ‘bad’ media (the brands to avoid)…


Taiyo Yuden 8x media and Verbatim anything. In my experience the printables are better than non printable. With better i mean more consistant and Verbatim non-printable are less consistant than Taiyo Yuden non-printable media in my opinion.

I use CDR made by CMC (HP printable and Datawrite Titanium) and Taiyo Yuden anything and all work very well but for important backups i choose Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:


OK thanks everyone I will try them as soon as the ones I still have are finished. As for what kind of drive I have all I know is it is the burner is a LG super multi.I will also keep reading other posts to see what is said about the media. Thanks for the help