What brand DVD media lasts the longest

I believe Verbatim (MKM/MCC) has proven to be just a hair above the rest.

Sorry, wrong thread. :cop:

But I still believe that there’s a, maybe small but very noticable difference in quality between Verbatim and Bulkpaq!

Are you talking specifically about Prodisc made media (for Verbatim) or Verbatim 16X media in general (well at least MIT :)) ?

Yeah, I should exclude Verbatim completely. They do use a fair bit of marketing terms.

Uh maybe between the Pearl Whites and Bulqpaq but certainly not the genuine MCC Verbatims and Bulqpaq. I don’t see anywhere near the number of complaints about MCC Verbatim as I do about MCC Bulqpaq (since the Bulqpaq are most probably factory seconds or fakes).