What brand DVD media lasts the longest

I have tried some DVD media like datawrite bulkpaq octron and primedisc and they only lasted around a month when making DVD movie backups. Can anyone give me their opinions on the what media you have used and is the longest lasting media for movie and data backups?

DataWrite, Bulkpaq and Octron are all no-name brands which buy just whatever is cheap from the spot market. Not sure about PrimeDisc, my PrimeDisc CD-Rs were very good when they were still MIG, but now most PrimeDiscs are MIT and MIC.

If you want long-lasting backups, try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim (DataLifePlus) media.
The sticky TY FAQ tells you what to look for.

kodak have released a disk they say lasts 300 years… not sure if its just a cd-r though…

Keep away from Datawrite, Datasafe, Tuffdisc, Bulkpaq and the like.

The longest lasting media I have are some Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs (TYG01), which have done well considering they’re two years old - they were the very first discs I burned when I got my first burner. :slight_smile:

Kodak is not really making their own discs anymore. Their MIIE (Made in Ireland) gold-based discs were really good, but now they just outsource to whatever company available.
I think Verbatim and TY media are still better…?

only 2 months ago… http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13323

Where can I buy Taiyo Yuden media? I remember buying bulkpaq dvd+rs and I used the DVD Identifier program and it scanned the disc and said that it was Taiyo Yuden. Whats going on there :confused:

what country are you from?

Those Bulkpaqs are fakes, I think.

If you’re from the UK, www.svp.co.uk is what a lot of us use…if you’re from the US, www.rima.com is great also. :slight_smile:

Im from Ireland

SVP could be good for you too, then (see above). :slight_smile:

Ummm… yeah try svp… i heard there is an offer on shipping for mayday…

Avoiding brands like DataWrite/DataSafe, RiDisc and RiData is good advice! Also Ritek, Bulkpaq and alot of "unbranded discs (excluding Taiyo Yuden) can be a bit iffy. The only exceptions to this rule are the DataWrite Titanium Full face printables (+R 16X MCC 004) and DataWrite Red “From the Optodisc factory” -R 8X (NOT the +R 8X, these burn terribly on both my drives!). This advice is based on burns in a BenQ 1650 and LiteOn 165P6S, so depending on your burner YMMV.

If ordering from SVP I would recommend the Verbatim 16X +Rs. I got mine on Friday. They sent Prodisc made Verbs and they burn very well. Their compatibility should be good with most drives that’ve had a firmware update in the last year or so. :iagree: They are more resistant to scratches than most media I have used, and do well in accelerated aging tests.

To add to Kim’s input - I’ve had some Datawrite Grey 16x -R (Prodisc F02) that burn pretty well on my Liteys. And so far, they’re doing good. :slight_smile:

OT: i wonder what benq would have to say about that…

The BenQ 1650s would probably go “Ewww! I’m not touching that stuff!” :bigsmile:

I can’t comment on the prodisc MID but my BenQ burnt Datawrite Reds (Infosmart01) discs perfectly, a friend gave them to me, I use them for short term use only. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get rid of it and G05 from my learned media list without loosing the rest.

Even “golden media” cannot guarantee anything.

Besides, who would (be able) to test such a media in approx. 90 years??

I’ve read some tests where Verbatim 16x -R media came out as winner, their +R ‘lost their mind’ during the chamber tests.

Stay away from brand names which start with data, ri (ricoh is excluded), tuff, bulk and the like. Also, if the brand sounds like some kind of chinese restaurant name or medicinal company (e.g. Golden Monkey Industries or something), say “no!”.

I also avoid brand names which make it sound like they are trying too hard to tell you how good they are. For example, brand names that start with A1, Super (Verbatim’s Super AZO is excluded), Ultra, Maxi, Power, Laser, Magic etc. It’s an advertising trick that backfires - trying to create customer confidence by building a brand name that makes the product sound credible. The problem is that the companies that really make decent quality discs do not need to resort to such “branding” tricks because their brand names are known by reputation for quality.

Verbatim’s now-phased-out DataLifePlus should be excluded from your list too, karangguni :wink: