What brand DVD burner is best for me

:confused: Need to buy a new DVD burner for my PC it will be burning 500 or more two hour programs on DVD-R (at a speed of 8x thanks) … and maybe worked to death after that. :does’nt matter if its external or in PC I have no idea what should i buy over the counter in Australia.

@ lenhend,

Suggest reviewing the CD Freaks CD/DVD Burner Forum Read First posting titled “The Top 5 Optical Drives” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/top-5-optical-drives-2008-cd-freaks-members-choice-249785) for information on what Optical Drives Forum Members recommend.

Also throughout the CDFreaks “Writer User Reviews and Comments” and/or “CD and DVD Writers” Forums there are numerous “What Burner To Buy?” type postings that provide specific recommendations. By reviewing these types of Forum posting it is not too difficult to discern what particular Optical Drives are highly recommended.