What brand does well on 2500?

Sorry if this has been asked before but can anyone tell me what brand DVD + or- R disc do well with the 2500??? Ive only used Maxell-r and so far no problem. I was checking around online and it appears the maxell and fujis are approx twicew as expensive as Ritek, it this true or did I find a bad site? Please let me know what works well on the 2500. Thanks much Bob P.

Well, if you’re looking for outright quality I’d have to say go for Taiyo Yuden +R and -R media any time (like I do mostly).

Second choice for +R would be RicohJPNR01 dye, which is commonly found on Traxdata 4x +R media but it’s best to check on the media forum here or elsewhere.

As for -R media, I would not advise buying Ritek G04 media in large quantities immediately as problems have been reported in combination with the 2500A drive.
However, it seems to be good quality media in general.

Please don’t be blinded by dirt cheap media since in 99% of the cases it’s a matter of: What you pay is what you get.
Do yourself a favour and stay away from inconsistent quality media like Princo ( :Z ), Optodisc and other brands with unknown media code that don’t sound familiar.

Memorex and Verbatim Datalifeplus work great here !

I also dont advise ritek g04 while all the issues regarding incompatibility with these disks arent solved.