What brand but more Importantly where can I get media?

Looking for where I can purchase media online for my new DW 1620 Pro. I am in the USA and looking for Dual Layer.


if your in usa, www.rima.com
edit: bout the brand “taiyo yuden”

Since you’re looking for dual layer media, you’re only option is Verbatim as the other DL discs currently are garbage, especially Ritek DL media.

and then I asked ‘where’ can I find them

you can get VERBATIM DVD+R DUAL LAYER 3 packs from Walmart.com, Office Depot, CompUsa, Circuit City and Best Buy. :wink:
do a search at www.videohelp.com on burning DL DVD+R media. there are some that have had problems in burning DL media.

thank you!!