What Brand / Burner will you buy / recommend in the future?

Now that BenQ is no longer the “BenQ of old”, What Burners will you consider to buy / recommend in the future?

While I have 4 BenQ burners between work and home, and are my prefered Burner, I also have several LiteOn burners, and they seem to have been a stable, solid burner for me, and they also have a “hobbyist” following, and there are “tweaks” and “hacks” to improve and enhance the LiteOn Burners.

So while I prefer my BenQ Burners, my LiteOn drives have never dissappointed me. (My LiteOn Burners are all 1-2 years old)

Also, at work, I just got a Plextor PX-760A, and while I would never pay 100 bucks plus for a burner, the 760A is performing very nicely. Very happy with it, seems to work as well as my BenQ’s.

(Of course, I ALWAYS make sure that I am using the latest firmware, and look for tweaks on any drive that I own)

I have also heard that LG and Samsung might be good alternatives.

So, what Brands and Burners are yall looking at for the future?

Myself, I am still in a little bit of a “Panic mode” and I am heading out today to CompUSA, Fry’s, Staples, etc, looking for Norwood or IO Magic, or similar, to try to find a re-badged 1650!

(I looked for a similar thread before posting, but could not find one, so please direct me to another thread, if I missed this disscussion - Thanks).

LiteOn for people who like to do scanning and tweaking themselves. Some are not so interested in that and then I suggest LG because of the fast burn-times (due to the short lead-in time I think). Myself have just ordered a LG, because I’m more interested in fast burns than scanning.

Also, I have to say that there are many manufacturers who make great products with low prices, so if somebody has a good relationship with a reseller I wouldn’t stop them from buying NEC, Samsung or Plextor etc either. They seem to be working well enogh for most people (as long as good media is used).

Look here for Norwood, I/O Magic:


I saw one this evening, thanks for the info. Actually I have been following that thread.

The one I saw was 69.99 at CompUSA. It was Computer Connect Brand.

Even though they are scarce, I still have a hard time paying 70 bucks for something that I paid 30-40 dollars for a few months ago.

My next burner will most probably be one of the newer x18 Samsungs, the reason being that I’ve had a very good experience with Samsung drives after the SH-W162C. They burn really fast, scan quality is similar to a LiteOn, they’re superb audio readers/rippers, and last but not least, they’re great for saving scratched/damaged media.

i will get lg drives for their ultra fast burn times and great quality even at 18x

Are the Samsung Burners known for being able to read badly scratched media?

People have asked me this a few times before, and the answer is: Yes, I can vouch for the Samsung SH-W162C. This drive was able to read and fully rip media that wouldn’t even load on some of my other drives (and I do have plenty…) Some of my drives would load those discs but couldn’t rip them 100%. My Samsung not only read the TOC without problems (whereas most of my other drives just scanned and scanned), it also managed to do a 100% rip in most cases, thus saving my data. Also, it’s a great ripper for audio, (a fact reported by other users too), and also a very fast burner with scanning quality resembling that of a LiteOn. I don’t know if newer Samsung models measure up to this legacy, but the SH-W162C is definitely one of the best drives I’ve had. If you can still find this model, grab it!

Hi all :bigsmile:

Personally im turning to LG for the succesor to my benq stable. Benq are and were a great drive. But the new H series LG’s are real hardcore burners. Although they dont have any decent features like scanning capabilities or any integrated programs/tools, they just burn but really really well. They are the fastest brand of burner you can buy and all the movies i have used with the H22 or H12 have been superb. I am happy i bought them.:clap::clap:

I’d say go with LG for burning and LiteOns for reading. The LG 4163 was one of the good drives I owned.

I’m with ExpertTech on this one. LG for burning. LiteOn for reading/scanning.

I agree (I too love my 4163B, although it’s not burning like it used to these days).

I’m also leaning towards Samsung, after seeing the burn quality I get with my SH-S182D.

Probably a Lite-On made drive with Nexperia (Philips) chipset. But for the time I’m just dreaming:slight_smile:
(Note, BenQ would never been what it became without Philips joint-venture.)

My latest purchase is a LG GSA H10N now running at H12N firmware. Cosidering burn quality, this drive is far behind my “old” Philips/BenQ’s.

I can’t say anything about LG, since I don’t have it personally. But my Liteon 165P6S performs good with most DVD ±Rs, and huge features(scan, overspeed, hyper-tuning)/fan-base/unofficial tools. I would like to say that Liteon 16X 5S/6s is the next to my BenQ 1640/1655.

However, with the BenQ hometown advantage, I’ll buy another retail BenQ 164B a few day later. :o

I loved my previous Benq 1620’s and the 1640 was probably my favorite drive. When my 1640 started to have some problems burning DL media. I ended up deciding between an LG Drive, an 18X Samsung drive, and the Pioneer 111D. I went with the Pioneer 111D because at the time I believed it was the best at DL burning. I have been pretty happy with the drive and I still use my 1640 for scanning since the 111 scans are not quote as reliable.

I’m wondering about the liteon 5s/6s also. To me the feature that makes the benq in the adaptive writing strategy. A burner should not be dependant on having the media code in rom or an aftermarket rom tweaker. I want a drive that can reliably burn any media to the best of that medias capability then test the burn to let me know the quality. The liteon hypertuning sounds close to what I’m looking for. Do any of the other drives adapt to new (or changing) media?