What brand are Fuji 4x DVD-Rs?

TY perhaps? At newegg.

The brand is Fujifilm :wink:

Manufacturer ID ( most likely ) is ProdiscS03

Thanks, and what brand should I buy to get TY?

Either plain TY or something out of that stuff :

Fuji DVD-R Made in Japan in jewel cases (packs of 5 or 10) are TYG01.

Fuji’s (prodiscS03) burn fine @8x using 812s@832s VS08 (Omnipatched V1.3.8)

Anyone have a 1 year experience with Fuji’s (prodiscS03) ?
Are they still working fine for data/movie archive or better use TY ?

-Found them in low price 18euro/25disc (instead of TY02 spindle costs 30euro)