What blank Media will work

Hi I am a new member from Australia and a newcomer to DVD Copying. I have a problem I would be greatful if anybody could help.
Most blank DVD media I copy or shrink a dvd to will not play in my stand alone DVD player, I have a digitor G1604. The picture becomes pixelated, freezes or skips forward. It will work on TDK or Verbatim DVD +R OR -R but even TDK +RW will only work when written onto once before it exibits the same problem. I could buy only TDK OR Verbatim writable DVD’s, but is there a cheaper blank DVD that will work.
Note. this problem also occurs on some rental DVD’s, would these be pirate copies or just cheap media used.
Would be greatful if anybody could help.

Cheers; DVD Grasshopper

Welcome to the forum dvd Grasshopper,

The problem you’re describing is related to your DVD player. Judging from your information I’d say your player is too sensitive when it comes to reading media and that it has a poor error correction ability (especially because you say the problem also occurs with rental DVDs which often have (small) scratches). Unfortunately I cannot give you a lot of useful advice other than to get yourself a better DVD player or trying to record your media at a lower speed.

Just for your information: I’ve experienced the same problems as you when I first started backing-up DVDs. I would play them in my Xbox but it often freezed up or produced a pixelated picture. The DVDs would play just fine in my computer. After buying a cheap Sony DVD player my problems were over. It plays everything with ease, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice, does this mean that other blank DVD disks such as princo do not copy as clean as TDK etc.

This is often the case, yes. There are various degrees of quality and Princo is considered to be in the lower category (and I’m being friendly here, I would personally never buy Princo media). The burn quality of a disc also depends on the drive it was written with and the speed it was written at. Some drives work better with certain media than others.

I agree on this one, the dcd player would seem to be at fault here. Have you tried playing one of your dvd’s on a different dvd player to see if they play differently? :confused:

I’ve had this problem in the past with one of my DVD players and not with my other one with the same disc - so I would also suggest its your player.

I think your only option might be to either try and find a media it likes or buy a new player - if you buy a new player ask them to hook it up for you and take a DVD you have problems with a see if it plays it.

I don’t get it. Are you saying a cheap DVD player has better error correction ability?


These days all new DVD Players can play almost all types of DVD (DVD-/+R(W)) where as older drives have difficulties or limitations on reading DVD burnt media. Hence these players are better at reading burnt DVD’s, don’t forget that technology is advancing all the time so that £300 DVD player you bought last year will be out performed by a £30 DVD player bought today.

Then I would say it is better to say “a more recent/advanced DVD player has better error correction ability” than “a cheaper DVD player has better error correction ability”. The player has better error correction ability because it is more recent/advanced, not because it is cheap. It may just happen to be cheaper because the advancement of technology. By the way, “a more recent/advanced DVD player has better error correction ability” does not happen to be true in my case. I bought my TV-top DVD player and my DVD drive a couple of months ago; they are new enough but still cannot read some DVDs.

agrees that itz most likely the dvd player. i only recently bought the sony dvp-ns575p dvd player at kmart, and it will play ANY type of dvd i put in it, but my friend’s 5yr old player will baulk at rentals and burnt media. oh, i use Princo too , LOL. never had a coaster or a bad burn.